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Hi fellow Lainanons, I've always found myself to be a very unproductive person, always meandering through life looking at everything but just being very unfocused in general.
It makes me a little depressed, and I'm trying to come up with a system to improve my productivity because of it.
In this note I have my daily activities divided up per hour, and I have hourly timers set, so I work for a set amount of time towards a certain goal, without a set quota.

At first I decided to map it out very specifically up to 5 minutes accuracy, but that seemed very stressful to follow properly, so I decided to just have a few finite activities per hour "block", and have a singular activity that I can continue indefinitely, to fill it up.

I will try to post updates on how my system is working for me, and I figured I'd share my evaluations of how the system is working on here, feedback is very much appreciated.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss productivity, self motivation and talk about your own methods to get your lazy ass to do things!


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Today Lain got more work done in a day than she has done in months.

Doubled Lain's regular dose of orally ingested THC extract (from a sativa strain, indica strains are better for relaxation or physical activities) and made Lain some black tea with additional omega-3 supplements. Lain was able to sustain unbroken focus for hours, organizing and cleaning for much longer than is typical.

While Lain would normally recommend breaking down large tasks into easily do-able chunks, today was a rare exception to that rule.


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ex-avid stoner here.
keep in mind that weed has a lot of side effects that aren't very well known, nor observable by users.
these effects are dose independent.
My uni had multiple articles on marijuana usage and brain functionality in their research db, and it turns out that people who use marijuana about once a week have an average decline in the part of the brain that handles long term memory and vocabulary of around 6% a year on average.
That's pretty spooky, considering it's one of the few effects on the brain, and it's not well documented.
I figure if you want a buzz once a week, even mdrinking alcohol would be a better choice, healthwise.


>hair tie on the wrong side
>her one defining feature and still mess it up



You could just read to offset any vocab loss. Long term memory is overrated, as long as I can still do maths and program.


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I don't think it works that way, no matter how much you want to justify it.
The brain is affected in such a way that you'll have trouble interpreting the words that you read, also putting concepts into text (programming) will also be affected.
Give the following study a read: doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2015.7841

Sorry for going off topic, this is merely for harm reduction purposes.


Sounds... Bad.

I'll stick to alcohol. Or try LSD, whose side effects seem to be relatively tame. But I'd have to more research first: I don't want to fuarrrk myself up too much. I'm a programmer: brain functions actually do matter.


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I only make a todo list of things to get done each day. Is actually scheduling your time in hours really effective? I'm not sure if I could follow that strictly, I can't control every event in my day.


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Well the results for day 1 are in!
I couldn't sleep at all that night (heavy insomnia issues), and I ended up falling asleep during the first programming block.
It was a very nice approach so far though, I found it pretty productive to force myself to work for timeblocks so there is a definite start and end.

Once my uni starts I'll be able to wurm in some exercise, can't wait to get back to the swimming pool routine.
Another thing I might try after a few days is just simply trying to alter the length of the blocks, programming blocks for example could be 2 hours long, and other, less involved tasks like my French and reading could be slightly less than one block, so I might use the following solution:
I will go for a pattern like this:

1 hr - less involved tasks (French/reading), auxillary feelgood things (walks/meditating)
2 hr - deep work block (programming for example, more indepth study/writing)
1 hr - caring for self tasks, food, relaxation like listening to music, tidying

I will loop this twice during my day.
This way I will be able to "get into the zone" for the 2 hr work blocks while also offering enough variety that I don't get discouraged.

I wonder what I'll do about my day planning once uni starts, I'll have to be very serious about planning because I'll also have travel times and activities in real life to worry about, kinda is like kicking dead whales down the beach but can't be helped, guess I'll have to devote time to planning stuff out daily.

It actually is easy once you set timers and just force yourself to work on it.
Structured approaches to acquiring skills always work.


Merry Xmas <3