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Should I buy lainchan stickers and stick them in /cyb/ locations in the real world, interesting places that the right kind of people might find?

I'm thinking of exploring nature reserves, sumps, old places and the like, and spreading the good word of Lain.

I think this is a really great idea to get more diverse and interesting people posting on this board, but I worry that 1. not many people will find them and actually make the connection to come here, and 2. it may somehow draw the wrong sort of attention here, maybe seen as vandalism or something, you never know with people nowadays.

What do you lains think? Is this a good idea? Should more people do this? I wasn't sure where to make this thread, so I'll put it on /r/.


go for it


It seems like a cool idea, I mean, I don't think it would atract a lot of people tbh, but yeah, it's cool.


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>wasting your own money on bringing in dumb new users and doing PR


I think its awesome. Either a community brings in the type of people you want, or the other people.

bring the type of people we want before the assholes show up. put the stickers in places to recruit interesting people.

Commercial marketing and advertisers suck. Be the un-advertiser. Spread common interest for the good of the people you are advertising to, not for selfish or commercial reasons.


That seems like a really cool idea, but I feel like if I found a sticker like that I would just ignore it, or think "neat" if it really caught my attention and move on.


I support this idea.

Seems like, heh, you're outnumbered ⌐■_■


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>popular opinion (or group concensus) is only opinion I cherish


To echo >>28459 : the number of people who would follow the link would be small, even smaller the number who like it and stick around. But people who are curious about the wired and willing to scroll around an unfamiliar website and maybe enjoy it - those are the kinds of people that would be the best to attract. I doubt it would result in nearly as many trolls, spam etc as any online ad, since it requires some response from the reader greater than a click.

I especially like the sticker which is just a QR code, since it's like a (very simple) puzzle. In my experience, the western world really hasn't taken to QR codes but it's crazy popular in e.g. China.


It will only attract tramps.

Setup a honeypot, upon 'cracking' it show a lainchan sticker.


I'm going to buy some stickers and send them to Hak5.

Everybody starts somewhere, and I'd rather have a growing community than a dying one.


Lainchan doesn't imply a knowledge of IT. A knowledge of IT doesn't imply a knowledge of puzzle-solving of this type.
Too many layers of abstraction, i doubt anyone would ever find this place using this method.

As for OP, it seems like a good method, go for it, the new members cannot get any worse, anyone finding us through meatspace is probably going to be just fine.



Maybe the puzzle just has to be interesting enough. A lot of people went for that Cicada 3301 bullsoykaf back in the day.


context of pic?


File: 1483012151086.png (171.74 KB, 200x150, 8.jpg)

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback.

I'm going to do it! Well, I came up with a better plan sort of. I'm using a photo printer to print out HQ images of a few of the official stickers, and I've made a few of my own so far too, I'll probably make a few more each of a few more designs and then tack/glue them where I can. Still need to plan out exactly where I will put them, but I think this should be interesting, lainchan is something more people should know about, there is alot of potential to learn and grow from a place like this, a refreshing break from the social media soykafstorm most people encase their lives in. Who knows, maybe we can change some minds? This fits in nicely with my overarching goal to help undermine modern culture and help people realize themselves out of whatever matrix they or others have themselves trapped in.. This should be pretty fun and a great excuse for me to get out exploring more. Just wish the weather was a little nicer.. But these homemade stickers should hold up well to the elements if I can affix them well, they are basically on the same stock as a real photo, I'm also considering laminating them at the library or something, I've just posted one up in my back yard to see how it holds up.

Oh, I also plan to donate soon, it just seemed more logical to print the stickers myself and donate when I have some spare cash, that way lainchan gets 100% of the funds and I get my 'stickers' now.

That is all for now. Maybe I'll post some pictures of what I made and maybe even of where I put them up, that would be fun for anyone who actually comes here via them to see. Love you all to death, this place has really helped me lately in more ways than one, even just knowing there are places like this out there has been a great help in getting me to change my habits and try to connect with more like-minded people, and I really would like to pass that on however I can.

Be well, and never give up trying to inspire the hearts and minds of those around you to change and grow, lains. Because this is one of the last hopes we have to fix this cultural mess and create more of a world we would be honored to live in, a place of sanity, peace and respect.

(null) signing out.

(P.S. - is there anywhere I can download the lainchan font used on all the headers and stuff? I had to settle with this font as I think it looks nice and /cyb/, but ideally I'd like to use that one.)


>(P.S. - is there anywhere I can download the lainchan font used on all headers and stuff? I had to settle with this font as I think it looks nice and /cyb/, but ideally I'd like to use that one.)
I don't know where you can download it, but the official font used on SEL and used many places on the site is Love Letter Typewriter. Best of luck, lainon! In what part of the world are you putting these stickers up?



You basically read my mind. I agree with everything you said


File: 1483220512988.png (1.14 MB, 134x200, 4f009b0c90da303bf4cb8dec8bcd9b027d70ed42cb664fd5a7044a087e0f7613.gif)

I think people enjoy the *idea* of a random, but interesting person discovering the sticker on a rainy night in midst of urban decay, visiting lainchan for the very first time, and becoming a meaningful member of the community, but in reality it would probably take hundreds if not thousands of stickers to actually realize this scenario.

It would take millions of stickers to make even a negligible impact on the community. The world is almost completely saturated with drones. You'd be lucky to have even a few people disconnect their face from their screens long enough to notice the sticker in the first place.

I'm sorry to say I have a hard time believing you'll see a post saying, "hey, I discovered lainchan via a sticker I found on the Tokyo subway" anytime soon despite your best efforts. No one visits a website they found on a sticker in a public setting.


For what it's worth, I've uploaded the typeface to Laintracker.



Where exactly is "here" (without doxxing yourself) if you don't mind my asking? The results of the sticker campaign depends completely on the answer. If you're in some random suburb, the result will be absolutely null.


File: 1483250173420.png (51.29 KB, 200x160, ∟∧∟∟.gif)

I like this idea, Lain.

Would post in locations like libraries, labs, server rooms, or other places where curious, intelligent meatpods might lurk.


File: 1483260596899.png (30.19 KB, 200x167, Large_Hack_A_Day_Logo_by_juju_revenge.png)

I saw a lainchan sticker on a stop sign a few days ago.

I thought about buying a few myself to stick in the electronics section of a few stores I go to on occasion. I did this with Hackaday stickers many years ago and many are still where I stuck them.


>I saw a lainchan sticker on a stop sign a few days ago
That's pretty rad.


Outcome of Berlin christmas market running over
Nearby arab (probably muslim) came to scene to have a good laugh


>arab guy happens to be smiling while on his phone
>he must be laughing about the people who just died