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I was considering to put this in tech, but I won't as it is only indirectly about tech.

Anyways. what do you guys like about him?
For me it's:
1) Started a movement that forever changed CS for the better. Not only CS but copyright as well.
2) He is controversial and doesn't care about it. Wacky.
3) He is the old-old school of hackers, Maybe the only 1st gen hacker still in the trade.
4) He is an academic. Especially in his heart. The guy basically lives at his university.
5) Part of a dying but formerly cool subculture(hippy)
6) If he isn't an Anarcho-syndicalist then he almost is.
7) He is the best well intentioned extremist that the FSF and any similar socio-political movement needs.

What he does now is not CS anymore, he is basically a professional philosopher in a way, which I don't mind. IMHO philosophy is also interesting.

I only wish this was updated more regularly:

You may also post Stallman and FS memes and reacts.


We are blessed to have our own, homeless version of Jesus in the fsw movement


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I don't like him too much, his a person whose mind was made into salad by politics and political ideology. There's plenty of those around the world; just get into a pub where people watch football and you get the same show.

He has some great ideas about high level software management, but I cannot emphasize -has- strongly enough. Great ideas are great themselves, and people who have them just have them; you can have a legendary Stradivarius, it doesn't make you a violinist, or legendary, or a violin, or a Stradivari. You'll remain you, and Stallman is still just a weird dude with a weird lifestyle.


Oh boy, I'll get roasted


> and Stallman is still just a weird dude with a weird lifestyle.
Implying that isn't a good quality of his.

Implying that computing isn't so pervasive in our lives that it itself has become a part of politics.


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Is he still living on campus?


Not living but apparently the campus has a lounge where it allows staff and students to oversleep.

He switches between his home and campus, and apparently it's a common occurence there.


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RMS needs to exist. In many ways he is a broken mad man with broken ideas, however he is pushing the envelope and you can't do that with out making some wrong turns. It is our job to see what he uncovers and make the best of it work in the real world a place he has long since abandoned.


you can imply whatever you want, I only said he's of little significance, and there's hundreds of thousands of other people who have way more interesting things to say and lives to follow.


Little significance? Dude without him we wouldn't have computing as we know it. It's doubtful that even copyleft would exist at all.


>he's of little significance
aw come on, chum. just what the fuarrrk have YOU accomplished with your life lately?


i'll let you figure out which bias you have there
i'm still sane ;^)


>i'll let you figure out which bias you have there
fuarrrk yeah I am biased. I am biased to awesome.
>i'm still sane ;^)
You are on an imageboard. Anyones sanity there is debatable. :P Just kidding, have a nice day sir.


I adore his wit, and I try to donate to the fsf wjen I can. Also looking out for the new Trisquel version soon. I wish more game engines were freed, as well as getting more computers supported in Libreboot.


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I like his beard. The best technomage wizard beard since Jeff Minter.

Actually I bet Jeff Minter like GNU, if only for the name, Minter does love his ungulates and ruminants.


I respect him. Can't stand to be near him, think he's crazy, and think that he's often done harm to his cause (calling John Ousterhout a cancer as he licks his feet, anyone?), but I respect him and his cause.

OTOH, I would never give up all my non-free games just to have a free desktop. We can talk politics and ethics later: I've still got to beat Half-Life.


Leave. Leave and never come back.


I think a lot of people have a somewhat negative opinion of Stallman because they don't really understand his humour. While his political and software stance is made perfectly clear, he also tends to speak half in just, often alongside the serious points.
Watch an interview and look for the moment Stallman says something he thinks is funny, but the interviewer doesn't get it at all resulting in a few seconds of dead air.