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Not sure whether to post this on /r/ or /cult/ but I thought it'd be relevant to Lainchan's interests.

Xonotic is a free (both as in no cost and as in free software) arena shooter that I personally find enjoyable since it's simple to learn.

You can get it from xonotic.org


It's a pretty authentic retro-Quake/Unreal experience, right down to the Andrew Sega-like soundtrack.

I do like how the devs stuck to their principles and split off from Nexuiz when that project was monetised.

I just wish there was more of a single player campaign, my smalltown bandwidth got me laughed off the server last time I tried multiplayer. :(

I downloaded some conversion of Xonotic to a single player game but it plays like a slide show. Considering how well vanilla Xonotic plays on my machine that has to be just bad optimisation.


Haven't played this is a while. Downloading now.


I like Red Eclipse more just because it runs better on my old core2duo lappie


>only 1 person online


This is the main problem of the game.
But as I see, there are a lot lainons who play or want to play this game.

I think it would be a good idea if we all put a tag in our name like [LAINON] or something. So we can identify servers and players.


This would be cool. Maybe someone could throw up an unofficial lainchan server?


That's the problem with all arena shooters. Whether it's quake, unreal tournament, or other more obscure things like this, there is next to no player base.


I downloaded it and played it, does a great job of capturing the feel of old arena shooters.
open arena is a similar type of thing so I recommend checking it out too if you like arena shooters. They're very similar.



there's still a fairly active if small playerbase for cube 2 sauerbraten

i still play it almost every day



I should mention it's worth looking into redeclipse and warsaw as well, although I can't speak to the current activity level of either


also, not a twitch/arena shooter but cyberpunk as fuarrrk... I love neotokyo so much but there is absolutely zero activity despite active servers.. would anybody be interested in trying to bring it back to life?


I remember this game being fun, I'd be down for playing it if you got some people together.


I remember this being related to Nexuiz before its remake. I don't know if this is a re-release or a re-work of the original Nexuiz, but it is something along those lines.

Also, totally interested in playing if something starts up.


Hello Lightbringer ;)


Also yes, all thumbs up for it, great, free cousin of Kwake.
Would be nice to see Lainchan's own server emerging from these threads some day.


>Would be nice to see Lainchan's own server emerging from these threads some day.
Well, my server is pretty much only serving files, so I may as well host a server if anybody would be interested in EU-hosted one.


I'm in the US, but I can't imagine it would be to bad, I'd join.


I'd be interested in this


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