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An illicit photo taken at my work (a chemical laboratory) . would you be interested in more of these? This place is full of all sorts of down to earth laboratory photogenic goodies


Definitely seems interesting, I've been in a chemical lab once and it had all sorts of interesting stuff in it, what does your lab specialize in?


I can't say because there are so few on them


OP, stop.

Delete the pic.

You forgot the exif data.


I'm not the OP, but a cursory look with exiftool doesn't reveal anything interesting.



There is a bunch of "harmful" data (accorded to Metada Anonymizer) but I don't think they can be used to identify you (there is no geo coord. or user name in it) But keep in mind one can use them to fingerprint your phone.


MATs on crack.
There's nothing harmful in the slightest, not even for a unique print.


Typo, meant MAs*


So do you have more?


File: 1483921964727.png (149 KB, 200x120, meatpod-device⊛.jpeg)

Post pics, OP, do it for >>>/sci/


>An illicit photo taken at my work (a chemical laboratory)
An illicit photo of a licit laboratory or an illicit photo of an illicit laboratory?


what makes this photo illicit?

And yes, more.


Paranoid NDA?

Fiiiiiiiilliiiing the booodyyyy.


why do you guys take acid its not even good


Can I just point out that looking at peoples exif data basically makes you a huge asshole?


Well hey, I want to see some more. I hope you can give us a little bit of that. Interesting, but in a vague sort of way.


Doesn't mean other people won't. Just because you feel like the government is an asshole for spying on you doesn't mean they'll stop. You have to take preventive measures again such things.


File: 1488483234812.png (3.84 MB, 200x200, 1487476832350.gif)

No you can't, if you blatantly ignore security on a board that is at least partially focused on security, you're going to be corrected.

If you define the photo as "illicit" then neglect to remove exif, pointing out that it was left in is doing the person a service.

Assume everything that touches the internet is available to everyone, if you don't want people to see it, don't upload it.


Maybe too late considering you didn't mention it in the OP, but, are you releasing that image under any license? Wondering if I can use it for anything or if it should just go into my "rugs" folder.

>why do you guys take acid its not even good
Take that back. LSD is a beautiful drug.