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Someone actually made a Lainchan FB group?


>see girl from Leiden
That's quite the coincidence.


>Facebook group
I'm gonna need you to pick one kiddo because that soykaf doesn't overlap too much


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>lainchan 2017
>facebook group
This one guy stood out the most however (peppered for "privacy" lel).


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This is bad advertising

Please remove lainchan from facebook. We really don't want to connect a place like this to transmit and absorb all their face book soykaf through the wired. Its just a downward spiral.

I wonder if this is just a somewhat elaborate troll, cause I'm not even clicking on the link. Either way, it is no good.


Has actually someone sent a request to join this group?
I'm tempted but I dunno if this soykaf is legit.


Not in the group or anything, but relax. It's only a few people. If they want to make a facebook group, let them. No need to worry about exclusivity. I haven't been on here for a while, but I remember people wanting to print stickers to put on the street and most were all for it. This is hardly any different.

Pretty sure it's legit.


>covers the name of this guy and his eyes, but not the Lenora girl.



i bet you use discord too, nuhomo


I sent a request and was accepted almost immediately.

The group has people in it that I know have been long term posters here, but there are virtually no post in the group aside from razorbelle plugging a site linking to discord.me/ai


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Yea, I bet "someone" did OP


Just looks like another way to plug the site and reach more people. Nothing going on there


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>reach more people
>reaching facebook users
>attracting facebook users
Why do we want facebook users?


File: 1485400078609.png (1.98 MB, 200x200, fb.alart.gif)

Block traffic originating from failblok.


File: 1485642927402.png (105.34 KB, 200x152, Mike Winkelmann - Human Lifetime.jpg)

Can you explain in detail how this works and why it should be blocked?

Not disagreeing, just not knowledgeable.


When you click on a hyperlink (eg: https://www.whatismyreferer.com/), it sends a referring header so the website you go to knows where you came. In the case for why facebook referred users should be blocked, I'd guess so the level of cancer is kept at a reasonable level.


Any extensions or ways to prevent websites from getting this information?


Oh god, all this time I was trusting RefControl to be hiding my referrers, but it was configured to send it by default. I actually leaked info that I shouldn't have because of this.


Random Agent Spoofer has the feature to spoof or disable http referers. It's under the "Headers" tab.


This. Anonymous image boards exist as an antithesis to social networking garbage like failbook.

Anonymity allows posts to be looked at for the merit of their content rather than the users' following. There's a reason why many *channers aren't fond of reddit, traditional forums, and other such social sites. Nobody likes everyone's favorite pet winning an arguement based on their e-fame. Nobody likes that one guy who said that one thing that was unpopular being completely blown off even if he makes a compelling arguement. Anonymity also gives a certain level of privacy that allows users to be more honest than they would be in public.

We have sage, failbook has no dislike button. I think quality of users is more important than quantity of users any day. Those who are looking for sites like this one can easily find it. Those who can't, probably wouldn't be comfortable here.


You can just copy and paste the link.



Just sent a request with one of my fake accounts.


I'm forced to use facebook to stay connected with family, so I wouldn't mind joining after. However, a social media site-- ESPECIALLY facebook, has no right to reference a site like this, even if it's a private group. Anonymity is key and this breaks that boundary.


Its different because it attracts a different type of user. Also fuarrrk "services" where the user is the product in general.


>you need do a login
>no account until now
Thanks Mister User from Archive.is.

>Someone actually made a Lainchan FB group?

The suspects:
>new users
>just fans from lain

This remember some groups on fb/whatsapp call themselves of "chans".


>Nobody likes that one guy who said that one thing that was unpopular being completely blown off even if he makes a compelling arguement
That still happens on imageboards, just look at a board where politics are discussed and you'll see plenty of that.


this Lain is correct in my understanding. the sheer barren population of this website is what makes it feel that much warmer. You know how to stay warm in the cold with few people is to huddle up reeeeaaaal close! :3


>wtf at you getting a new car everyday


^ member of said group agrees. Why am I in it.


Yeah but then the thread dies in an hour (or a week here) and next you're agreeing with the same twit who previously tore you a new vagina. And you never know when this has happened. That's the beauty and mystery of imageboards.