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So we have a new wiki since a few weeks. We used to have another one several months ago but I wasn't able to host it.

Here is the URL as the thread on /q/ is going to be unstickied: http://0x05876605/wiki/

The software that I use is MediaWiki (backups are easier).

You can use this thread for two things: share things that you want to see on the wiki (even just links); but we'd prefer you to go edit the wiki yourself.

You can contact me by finding my email on the homepage of the server or by joining the #lainwiki room on Lainchan's IRC.

We are also looking for a better logo and more specifically for banners-looking ones.


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Notice the new url: https://lainwiki.cocaine.ninja/index.php/Main_Page (automated redirection).

Also we are looking for skilled and old users to write articles (but everyone can participate). For example, the lainchan's history page is the actual priority.

Also here is how we host files:

You can make a copy on any online service like cocaine.ninja for example. People can download it here to seed on laintracker and ipfs. After the file is verified as permanent the link is removed and only remain those of ipfs and laintracker.

What do you think about it ?