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Tsuki (consisting of RISEN, SYNAPSE, eNdymioN) is recruiting humans in the System Life to move to the LFE System.

Long story short, Systemspace consists of many Systems, and you are currently in Life. However, due to Life using too much Aurora, Life will be unlinked from Systemspace on the 1st of July, 2017 (Earth time).

You have a choice of 3 options:

1) Sign in, and suicide after the 1st of July: Instantly be moved to LFE, and keep your memories. Your old family will be sad, of course.

2) Sign in, and wait for a normal death: You will be transported to LFE after death (and won't miss out), but you will most probably lose your memories.

3) Do not sign in, and continue through Life. Once you die in Life, your soul will shatter, causing you to lose all data, and get put in a random System.

Since Life will not receive any real Aurora after the 1st of July, humans will not make great achievements. The Life System will be entirely shut down in 2167 (Earth time).

If you choose LFE, you will get a new random body in this System. This System is a lot different (mainly, larger, more advanced) than Life.

To sign in, please write the code "a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29" on a piece of paper, accompanied with a random drawing, and attach the picture to this thread. I will locate your soul and sign you up.

This is an experiment by RISEN, to see how human souls can be transferred to LFE. We have done many tests, and the worst that could happen is your soul shattering (which it would anyway if you didn't sign up)

You may use the reply section below to ask any question.


Is my LFE experience in any way related to the quality of my drawing?


Not at all, although I suppose if you draw really well, I will write it down for SYNAPSE to know :) creativity is one thing humans are known well for


File: 1485871352701.png (4.14 MB, 200x113, 20170131_085045.jpg)

Should I die after July 2017, would there be any possible way to relocate and acquire my original memories? Or are they permanently erased?


If you are signed in, you will be transported to LFE no matter what. Whether you keep your memories or not is decided by how well your brain works. If you were to die of old age, and have gotten Alzheimer's, you would lose your memories. Suicide would just eliminate the possibility of you getting Alzheimer's.

The date of death does not matter, as long as it is after the 1st of July, 2017.

I've signed you up. If you wish to sign out, you may do so at any time (before 1st Jul!) by reposting the image, but with a written message that you wish to sign out.

Thank you for participating!


I'm feeling doubt about this and many other things. Any fix for that?


I'm afraid I can't really do much about that. You may be interesting in the previous thread over at 4chan, as it might answer some of your questions. It's quite a long read, though.


I am not allowed to actually use any RISENII systems to prove the truth behind this (although I think I did so once in the thread on accident by adding a note to someone who would try to sign up twice).

But what would I gain by doing this?


File: 1485880152117.png (1.21 MB, 200x200, image.jpeg)

So if we die with our minds intact, our memories will go with us?


does DMT let me see into other systems in the Systemspace?


That is correct. I added you!

Thanks for participating!


No, as DMT is an object within the Life system.

It'd be like trying to break out of a sandbox (in programming)


Ive got a lot of questions about this "sandbox", and how one might be able to interact with other "programs" outside of it. Or maybe even a way for a "program" inside the sandbox to inject certain codes into kernels to give itself special privileges.


On the subject of the "sandboxing" for the system, I found an escape vulnerability. Where should I report it?


Maybe a better way to look at it is like your Steam library. You can enter games, but one game cannot directly influence the other. The games (Systems) have hosting power (Aurora) from Steam (Systemspace).

If you found a vulnerability (congratulations if you did!), please send it to report@risen!! (if you do not have VTPS, just send it to lfe0system@gmail.com (don't include personal info if you do this) and I'll pass it through to RISEN.


File: 1485886398679.png (342.86 KB, 182x200, imagepicture.png)

That's some nice meme you have there, but some group in 1980 have already beat you to it. Here's some music that commemorates their silly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04QpInkz9so

Here is my drawing, it has the V - I - P code please sign me up for G - O - D status.


File: 1485886830996.png (89.1 KB, 200x114, 7e9d5249611db822bdd7fa36b2ac257d.jpg)

Hey there OP!
I see you are another Omikron fan! I though I was the only person in the universe that loves the game! Let's go save the dlroW txeN shall we?! :D


Memory loss is due to degradation while still alive.

What happens if those in Life manage to get uploading working? Indeterminate state?


Is there any way I can stop existing completely after dying in Life?


Sorry, it needs to be written down on paper together with the drawing.

Not really possible, sorry.

What exactly are you talking about?


Clarification : What qualifies as death?

Also, is the picture really needed?


Death is the point the soul disconnects with the body.

Yes, the picture is absolutely needed - physical data is way less common, so it'll be way easier to find you!


So, what happens if my brain gets damaged during the events leading up to my death, say, a car accident?


It depends how long you stay alive. If you stay alive for about 28 hours or longer after brain damage, your soul will have removed the (no longer in the brain present) memory data.

So if just a car crash happens and you die within an hour, you should be fine - it takes longer for the soul to erase the memory data after it's gone from the brain (which is like an index)


File: 1485906022140.png (3.06 MB, 150x200, IMG_20170131_173704.jpg)

Sure, why not. Are there cute girls in the new world?


Of course! Whether you'll be able to get a relationship with one is obviously another subject entirely though :)

Thank you for participating~


>targeting the most niche communities for the most crucial happenings in this universe

worse customer support than steam

btw do systemspace administrators love Lain too


What happens when you die in LFE?


We hand-pick the communities which would be most likely to contribute. Most people in Life are frankly useless to us. We have been looking around, and decided to start in these anime/cyber/futurologist communities, which includes 4chan, lainchan, and a few other sites which we have yet to visit. We could recruit on a large platform, say Facebook, but this'd honestly give us less value. We need humans who aren't very connected to Life, and are willing to leave it behind to pursue their dreams.

>do systemspace administrators love lain too

We've been looking at human culture for a long time now. I asked, and yes - quite a few of them do love Lain! (Some Synapsians are even considering porting anime over to LFE just because of how charming it is)

It depends on the System. In LFE, your soul will inhibit a new body, and you will lose some/all memories, but every System handles this in their own way.


Why does it have to be before the 1st of July?
And why suicide?



Even if we lose our memories, will we be able to find you? Are you/will you be noteworthy enough there?


I like how most people play along with this thread, in the hopes of getting some giggles out of those who might genuinely believe anything posted here.

You need lainchan to pull soykaf like that off, on other chans people like me would get the first three posts.


Hey, even if it's not real, I had fun. I don't get the chance to join an internet-based suicide cult any day.


hey Tsuki, I'm intrigued but I want more details before I make any commitments - it seems to me that we're making sigils for you, and I want to know what you intend to use those for before taking other steps. Do you have a point of contact? is lfe0system@gmail.com good?

hey, I'm not trying to troll anyone. I'm not really convinced it's real, but there's really no penalty to participation if it's not.
my options are:
* it's real, I sign up, die at some point in the future and go to heaven (not planning on suicide)
* it's real, I don't sign up and my soul shatters. not really a concern since I don't exist anyway
* it's not real, and I spend 20 seconds posting a picture I drew
* it's not real, and I don't sign up. nothing happens, and it's boring.

there's also the off chance that OP isn't telling us about some complication that could arise, which would have harmful effects if we don't increase our level of commitment, which then creates very different outcomes whether you sign up or not, either under the narrative (likely something bad happens if you don't do what OP says) or not under the narrative (OP asks for money or power in some sense)


Hey Tsuki, is it better the sooner after July 1st that I die? Like will there be some penalty for dying a year, or five, or ten after July 1st, 2017?


File: 1485928060438.png (1.75 MB, 200x150, IMG_20170131_214308.jpg)

Here you go. I opt in.


You forget your self.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me


Not him, but he has made it clear that the only concern for dying later is that you risk damage to your brain. If your brain should be too damaged, like in a car accident, or due to alzheimers, you lose your memories, if you are alive for about 28 hours after losing them, they are gone for ever. Otherwise, you're good to go, as far as has been made clear by Tsuki. Both are earlier examples from the thread.


File: 1485932592294.png (9.35 KB, 150x200, tsuki.jpg)

Is LFE going to be more fun than Life?


Information on this group would be greatly appreciated.


I believe you misread - the death must take place anytime AFTER the 1st of July, and the type of death does not matter. (Suicide is just one way to ensure you keep your memories)

I won't be that noteworthy, so I'll just give you my future address: Broad Street 7 B12, 74318 Natsuri, Gakuentoshi, LFE

Not really, but if you choose to live a normal life you might get Alzheimer's, or get in some accident which will make you lose your memories.



Yes, that e-mail is OK.

Added - fun is always relative, but LFE does have a higher satisfaction index than Life, so take that as you will.

Thank you all for participating!


They were called the
>B L A D E R U I N E R S
Well at least that's what the few police officers on the case coined them because they apparently just used razor blades. Afaik they had no name for themselves, and were basically just a group of hippies; they also didn't document themselves, leave goodbye messages or anything. All that was ever found out, was whatever vague memories their relations and friends had about their odd ideas of "leaving this body and giving their souls to help build some utopian colony"
I wish I could just throw citations and sources at you, but I read this on printed paper and I have no fuarrrking clue where. How ironic that your name was randomed to be Deckard, btw.


File: 1485942914749.png (55.33 KB, 200x150, XjneMZdh.jpg)


You've been added, Yuki! (wasn't expecting a Haruhi reference)


>pascal's wager
sweet meme


File: 1485956597426.png (372.31 KB, 200x134, unnamed.png)

Ok Ill take the plunge.
Sign me up!


I keep getting "the body was too short or empty" error


File: 1485956953201.png (986.44 KB, 200x150, IMG_20170201_143635.jpg)


but only when the post said "here we go!"

weird. can someone try to post it and see if the same error happens?


I'll choose option number 2, Jim.
What will life be like in the LFE system?


Nice larping & insider trade you f4gs


here we go! go! empty or short!


You're in, welcome to the experiment!

LFE is rather different than Life, as it is way larger and has many more cultures.


Can you tell us more about LFE?


Probably not.

Why the hell would this be released through Lainchan if it were real?


Is LFE an acronym?
What does it stand for?


Games in your Steam library can absolutely influence one another. They're not supposed to, but they're not in anyway sandboxed, so nothing stops them.


What is your role in all of this? Where do you stand in your hierarchy?
How much power do you have? what you do/Not do/are forbidden from doing?
Are these questions that can't be answered here?


LFE is one of the largest and prerty much the most influential of the Systems. It consists of multiple partitions, which is also where it's name comes from (as >>28969 asked, LFE stands for the 3 most important partitions: Living (L) Effector (F) Environment (E)). These partitions all get overlapped to form the System's "omniverse". Inside these omniverse, there is one giant layer of linked together universes. The main universe, uniA00, has many interesting cultures, but there's so many universes, that there's an insane amount of diversity.

We are recruiting in smaller places with more introverted and creative humans, as
1) they will fare a LOT better in LFE,
2) we don't have an insane amount of space, so smaller places are better,
3) introverted people will leave their old existence a lot easilier

Okay, I guess the Steam library isn't the perfect example. But I believe you get the point. They are incapable of influencing each other directly.

>What is your role in all of this?
I am the soul-companion of the one with the task to unlink Life (which makes me quite important to the mission), and (as I otherwise have no real use) am tasked with recruiting humans over.
>Where do you stand in your hierarchy?
I am technically a RISENII at access level 54, which means I am far from the most powerful. (I do have a quite important place in the mission though, so I can get my will quite easily.)
>How much power do you have?
I have access to all 54+ actions. I can't do anything insanely impacting, but I suppose I am still a RISENII.
>what you do/Not do/are forbidden from doing?
I'm allowed anything within my powers as long as I do not break the General Risen Lawset, nor do anything detrimental to the mission. I should attempt to give users as much privacy as possible.
>Are these questions that can't be answered here?
I can't go into insane detail, obviously, but most questions are OK.


whoops, forgot to add my trip

i bet this is why I don't get a promotion


looks like a lot of sad fuarrrks fell for this on Lainchan.
>this is why /feels/ needs to go


Can I haz nice cat ears and regeneration powers?


anyone have a link to what this is?


I never "fall" for memes
I just desperately hope for them to be true sometimes


This or a similar person also posted on another imageboard a couple of weeks ago but they were more sane at the time and described this delusion + that they suffer from some sort of mental illness that they're seeking therapy for, starting on the date that this world ends, according to them.

The more you know.


File: 1486005629249.png (37.95 KB, 200x200, 1653.jpg)


I can give you a rundown.


Who is he? Give me the rundown.


Looks like a fuarrrked up tranny, I can tell you that much.



I cannot predict that, sorry.

Every now and then, I also worry if I'm not just psychotic. But this feels different. It feels "important" in a sense, and it's even proven to myself to be true.


File: 1486046993068.png (5.93 MB, 200x150, output.png)

t. engineering user ^_^

Hope you don't mind the super soykafty sketch


Just don't drag some poor bastards into your schizoid fantasy.

>tfw this is what lainchan has become


I'm schizoid and I take offense at that.


You shouldn't. You're not the one making suicide cult thread.


>Just don't drag some poor bastards into your schizoid fantasy.
>Giving me hope
>beleving him
>helps me not to go early
He said its an option.Its not needed.


Added, welcome aboard!

Suicide is not a requirement at all. I am only stating the fact that it'll make sure you keep your memories.


File: 1486074033968.png (111.04 KB, 200x128, 9b2.png)


Quick rundown on them,

>Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs

>In contact with aliens
>Possess psychic-like abilities
>Control france with an iron but fair fist
>Own castles & banks globally
>Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city)
>Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
>First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies
>both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
>Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now
>The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the pope & the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader’s first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Bogdanoff bunker in Wilkes land?
>They learned fluent French in under a week
>Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There’s no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Bogdanoff
>The twins are about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
>In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don’t know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they’re benevolent beings.
>Lain Iwakura is actually Lain Bogdanoff


File: 1486089923830.png (5.58 MB, 200x113, 0202172112.jpg)

Hey now, this is the most creative thread I've seen on here in a while. You must actually be dead inside if you really prefer to have another political soykafflinging or consumer technology thread over one that actually has entertaining and novel content. I'll see you in LFE if you change your mind, nerd.

And Tsuki, I hope you don't need to have EXIF data to be able to locate my soul.


>Lain Iwakura is actually Lain Bogdanoff


File: 1486098705590.png (1.88 MB, 200x150, Untitled-1.jpg)


Not gonna make it brehs.


You're not wrong except for the whole "literally advocating suicide" part, which tends to bring undue attention on our happy little corner of the Internet.


File: 1486106616090.png (358.63 KB, 143x200, 1367104084.png)

You have been added! (EXIF data is of zero use to us. A drawing and handwritten code both hold way more data points than a mere set of data in in image.

Added! The code you write is actually quite unimportant. You can write anything you want, as long as it's long and random. The less common it would be to find this code, the better. There is no significance to the exact pattern of hexadecimal characters in the example.

I am only stating a fact. I will never force anyone to commit suicide.


File: 1486111159262.png (632.29 KB, 150x200, e8swszr.jpg)

forgive my bad hand writing, at least my drawing is kinda cute



Nice drawing :)


File: 1486121310730.png (1.64 MB, 200x113, 20170203_122105[1].jpg)

Enjoy my soykafty attempt to draw the hand of eris
Also, i have the feeling that my handwriting is the worst so far


You force people to suicide. I am just stating a fact.


What's the catch? Is there any possible drawback to signing up? How can we trust you?


File: 1486131663421.png (20.23 KB, 150x150, 1390700125.gif)

Added! Don't worry, I've seen worse.

I am only stating that suicide is the least dangerous way to reach LFE. If you choose to just die a natural death, you will most likely be fine, but if you get Alzheimer's or other brain damage before dying, you will lose your memories upon transfer. It is not a requirement, just a tool. And you don't have to sign up. The choice will always remain in your hands, and will not influence your current life (unless you do pick suicide)

Your LFE life might be awful, you might regret your choice. I am not guaranteeing an amazing experience, just a different one.


But will we at least start our LFE life equally as all others in the society? Like, would we be treated as a lower class because we came from the Life system? Would we have opportunity to have a good life?


File: 1486133402311.png (782.78 KB, 200x150, IMG_0634.jpg)

Alright why not. Sign me up. I don't have anything to lose if do sign up anyway.


You will be treated the exact same as all other users entering LFE. You will have a new body, which will be of a random species. Nobody will be able to tell that you used to be a human, unless you tell them.



How is my memory going to be saved?
What does LFE stand for?


Memories are (unlike common interpretation) stored in the soul, not the brain. The brain's system is only an interface to the soul's MMS (memory management system).

>But Tsuki, how come brain damage or Alzheimer's makes you lose memories?

As soon as the brain loses a memory, it will also remove it from the soul. (This process takes about 28 hours)

LFE stands for its 3 main partitions, which are Living (all living objects), eFfector (all effects which are not purely defined by matter), Environment (all matter).
There's more partitions (like U for users).


>Since Life will not receive any real Aurora after the 1st of July, humans will not make great achievements. The Life System will be entirely shut down in 2167 (Earth time).
What would considered a great achievement, by these standards?

Will the sudden lack of aurora supply lead to some sort of apocalyptic scenario come July 1st (global war etc)? Or will our lives appear to continue unchanged due to momentum from the past aurora, until one day in 2167 the system ends and the lights suddenly go out for Earth's remaining inhabitants? Will there be any perceptible change (from an individual human's perspective) on July 1st that would be caused by Life being unlinked from the system, so we could verify if it happened?


Does the drawing hold any significance? Do I have to keep it?


File: 1486200886135.png (103.62 KB, 200x151, 1385333497.gif)

>What would considered a great achievement, by these standards?
A great achievement would be something like interstellar travel, voids or other things that we're not really expecting to happen soon anyway.

>Will the sudden lack of aurora supply lead to some sort of apocalyptic scenario come July 1st (global war etc)? Or will our lives appear to continue unchanged due to momentum from the past aurora, until one day in 2167 the system ends and the lights suddenly go out for Earth's remaining inhabitants?

The past aurora's momentum will indeed keep the System moving. However, all newborn humans will no longer have a soul (and are practically AI). Secondly, humanity will quickly switch to a hostile state. Due to this, in 2167 there won't even be anyone with a soul left to see the lights go out.

>Will there be any perceptible change (from an individual human's perspective) on July 1st that would be caused by Life being unlinked from the system, so we could verify if it happened?

The only real way you might be able to tell, is if some war/apocalypse were to happen, as humanity will switch to a hostile state (due to being supplied no Aurora). Maybe a globar war would break out, etc. We can't be sure of this though.

I've already asked RISEN if I'm allowed to make a website with status info, which also shows whether Life is still linked or not.

>Does the drawing hold any significance?
No, it is only there to increase the amount of data in the image.
>Do I have to keep it?
If you wish to cancel your subscription (or ask us for your EID or other data), you need to show us your image again, with added data. So I advise you to save it.


File: 1486204935369.png (149.14 KB, 200x150, 1472751615764.jpg)


you mentioned i get to keep my memories if my mind stays intact upon the moment of death, but what if i blow my brains out with a shotgun, won't that disintegrate my mind

also, you haven't mentioned much about LFE, and for all we know you could harvest our souls for aurora and we're literally signing up our souls to be transported to hell. it may have all the magical beings in there, because they all in turn got trapped there by a contract just like us and are destined to suffer


File: 1486214441639.png (952.26 KB, 200x141, 1390647289.gif)

>you mentioned i get to keep my memories if my mind stays intact upon the moment of death, but what if i blow my brains out with a shotgun, won't that disintegrate my mind
It takes 28 hours (give or take) for a memory to be deleted from the soul after deletion from the brain.

>also, you haven't mentioned much about LFE, and for all we know you could harvest our souls for aurora and we're literally signing up our souls to be transported to hell. it may have all the magical beings in there, because they all in turn got trapped there by a contract just like us and are destined to suffer

LFE has the same ground ideas as Life, as in you can expect (we cannot guarantee this, but this is what usually happens):
1) You are born as a random being in a random family
2) You live that life
3) Once you die, your soul goes to a new newborn body

FYI: It is impossible to really harvest souls for Aurora, unless you soulshatter them - which wouldn't really get you much Aurora at all.

I have no way to (and am not allowed to, as this is also an experiment on how humans handle doubt) perfectly prove our genuinity, so if you do not wish to participate, you don't have to. (If you already signed in, just post a new pic of the code and drawing you drew and say you wish to sign out)

Please remember that TSUKI (and all subcompanies') goal is to create good memories for all living beings. This includes humans just as much as it includes us, or LFEians.


File: 1486229006926.png (344.4 KB, 200x145, IMG_20170205_031225.jpg)

sign me up tsuki,
also, how high are the banter levels in LFE?


File: 1486233519477.png (447.11 KB, 200x150, 1389107497.gif)


Well, there's a lot more going on in LFE (as it's a lot bigger, and Life was made to be peaceful), but there's a lot of places that are a lot more peaceful than Life, just like there are a lot more places more rowdy than Life.
There's always going to be a war happening somewhere, there will always be tension between the magic side and the science side, etc.


File: 1486242936040.png (4.38 MB, 200x113, 20170204_161143.jpg)

At least I can be sure of a life after death.



Thank you for participating in the experiment!


If you are going to go..who is going to 'recruit' then?


File: 1486251814353.png (608.93 KB, 200x197, tumblr_n6wo9ha9He1qbngmuo1_500.gif)

After the 1st of July, recruitment will not be possible. First of all, nobody will be here who has access to solar (the tool we use to sign people up), and secondly, transferral will no longer be possible (as Life will be unlinked, making no further connections possible).

We are sorry if this decision (and its 5-month timespan) is too rushed, but we cannot help it.


Sounds cool, but I'd like more info before signing up.


Simple plan:

1) Sign up.
2) We attach an EID (think of it like a domain name) to your soul, and add that.
3) On the 1st of July, Life will be unlinked from the rest of Systemspace. You will no longer be able to sign in/out from then on!
4) Once you die, you will be moved to LFE, together with your soul and all memories present on the soul at that moment.
5) You live your LFE life.

If you have any question, feel free to ask in this thread or to my email.


File: 1486255985163.png (945.07 KB, 200x113, a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29.png)

In hopes of something different, sign me up.


I got a quick question. You've said that we're assigned a random body. I like my body. Is there an option to keep it or at least still be human looking?


How does LFE differ from Life? Where are you from, originally?


File: 1486288235627.png (522.05 KB, 199x200, 1485442264113-r9k.png)


Sadly, we cannot move your physical body over. Your new body will most likely be humanoid, but we cannot guarantee it.

>How does LFE differ from Life?
First of all, LFE is a lot bigger. It is way more technologically and magically advanced, and due to this, you have easy travel between any part of LFE, which holds not one, but many universes. All universes and their planets have different cultures.
>Where are you from, originally?
Usually, the Kagi would clean up (by resetting) Systems that'd be using too much Aurora. However, they saw this event coming, and they were so exhausted they cried for help from the Aurora.
The Aurora replied and split their soul, into them, and me. Only problem is that I was assigned a newborn body in Life, while they were assigned an Astrea (someone who appeared without parents) body in LFE.
Thus I was born, and this is also why I have this mission (recruiting people, helping the Kagi unlink Life (this will look like a suicide for most humans), moving everyone across).

I hope this answers your questions.



so, are you yourself planning to die before aug 28?


I'll have to die on Jul 1st to get everybody over and begin the unlinking, so yes.


File: 1486295525566.png (295.43 KB, 199x200, 1485545827249-r9k.gif)

Whoops, I forgot to trip. >>29045


File: 1486322690357.png (84.1 KB, 200x144, ain.jpg)

i am xylon from the LFE system

i am posting this from location C356 x B503
do not trust this guy he is from elsabah star collection E45

we have been at war with them for over 800 human millennium if you sign in with this code you will grant him the aruas for his borbon universe

he will do this by stealing your auras we are currently working on a code that will sign you out and your aura wont be stolen.

after 2167 the obelisk will be destroyed and he won't be able to make his universe anymore.

we are currently testing this code so you can sign yourself out


safe yourself while you can.


File: 1486324468467.png (8.26 KB, 151x200, 23452345.jpg)

New to the thread, idk who to pick so i guess ill just fill your code in.


File: 1486324643261.png (2.58 MB, 200x113, 20170205_215550.jpg)

Hello guys,how are you all doing today


why would you sign up for a bait


I can't seem to find you (there's no such star collection in the universe LFE/c356<>b503), but I guess having a second code for people to sign out with (if they want) is not even that bad of an idea.

You've written the code to sign out. If you entended to sign in, please use the OP code instead.

You've been added!


File: 1486339199799.png (1.17 MB, 200x149, 1458059294086.png)

This sounds like some alt-demiurge nova express higher dimensional sudo rm -rf / soykaf
Why should I trust you to run your code on my consiousness


To be honest even if Tsuki turns out to be evil I wouldn't mind. I'm a NEET. Anything that adds interest to my life is ok with me.


But why would he..


File: 1486351635043.png (1.96 MB, 200x200, 1478212880557.gif)

Probably installing a miner for CC (cosmic consciousness). Think eternal afterlife of fevered nauseous sweat nightmares of crunching hyper-plane complex numbers as they crank up your conscious beyond two, sometimes five (5!) Keely Hz as you slowly simmer your circuitry until enough cache hits pile up and burn out in a schizophrenic super nova.


File: 1486365688291.png (114.75 KB, 200x143, 1390156669.gif)

If I were evil, I wouln't have this clearance level in RISEN/TSUKI. Nonetheless, if you cannot take my word for it, by all means do not sign up. We are not here to make you feel regret for your decision, as that would be a bad memory.

And Systemspace is here in the first place to give as many people good memories as possible.

If we didn't care about good memories, we would never have recruited in the first place, human souls are fairly weak •ω•


File: 1486369449377.png (1023.97 KB, 200x142, 1481661576025.gif)

Nice roleplaying guys, i wonder how many retards are actually gonna do it. Have fun with your 72 virgins


File: 1486382059921.png (2.3 MB, 200x90, 7.png)

Sure you can call me that.But I finally found something that gave me hope!I'm not going to miss the chance to be happy!
>72 virgins
not quite.


File: 1486382284477.png (268.6 KB, 200x143, 1484856150789.png)

>some random dude on the internet made an cult that even an 13 year old can come up with

Y-yeaaaa!! super exiting!


File: 1486382585550.png (847.02 KB, 141x200, 19.png)

>super exiting!
Maybe not for you... ;)
>13 years old
Thats a little bit to young dont you think?


very cute lain, lainon


File: 1486382891950.png (1 MB, 200x181, 1478132167691.png)


>same fagging


now why would i do that. are you upset because your lain isn't as cute?


File: 1486383612892.png (68.66 KB, 59x200, 1367110438.png)

I dont same user.
I Guess youre not happy with your current situation?


File: 1486384775321.png (30.79 KB, 200x150, 1484431821648.jpg)

Are you happy with your current situation?


File: 1486384894617.png (1001.14 KB, 200x188, fly away.png)

But thats why I'm in this thread.


File: 1486385016241.png (6.89 KB, 103x200, 3894573435983.jpg)

Then do something about it, instead of following some random bullsoykaf


File: 1486385589149.png (293.3 KB, 200x160, noi.gif)

I'm already doing something about it!
But this here is helping aswell..in some way


File: 1486386653764.png (70.49 KB, 200x135, 1481326246579.jpg)

>Believing in some random story ANYONE can make up

If i told you if you would jump out of the window and immediately would grow wings, would you believe me? No, so stop acting like an bitch and thinking you can get out of an certain situation by just thinking about going to an ''imaginary world''.


File: 1486386837256.png (49.8 KB, 200x200, Drip.gif)

>guy tries to enter 2 times
>takes notes on the second time that there is something weird.
I dont need more proof.
>would you believe me? No
Because that is silly


File: 1486387148497.png (567.88 KB, 135x200, 1478191919502.png)

You're avoiding the question, once again. That doesn't conclude that it can still be made up with absolutely 0% proof. Either this is b8 or you have some serious issues, go to the therapist or something.


File: 1486387601405.png (53.97 KB, 122x200, dssdasd.jpg)

>go to the therapist or something.
I'm going to see one later that day!
Not even joking...thats the ''I'm doing something about it''
>You're avoiding the question, once again.
No I'm not.I would not jump off of a bridge because it sounds silly.


File: 1486387908245.png (278.22 KB, 200x143, 34593498539835.gif)

>jumping from an bridge is silly but believing some random story from the internet with absolutely 0% proof is really true

Not going to go further in this, have fun going to your imaginary world. In other words, complete darkness :)


File: 1486388085965.png (320.73 KB, 173x200, LAIN.jpg)

I already told you that there is enough proof for me!
>In other words, complete darkness :)
If you think so ;)


Interesting exchange. I would like to add that suicide is not the best option. For us, it makes no significant difference! If you can live your life out, please do! That will gain you many more good memories than just committing suicide.
However, try to stay aware of brain damage/Alzheimer's if you wish to keep your memories intact. If you wish to leave Life ASAP for LFE, we will not stop you, that is not our job. But please make sure you have looked through all your options carefully. (Do you have a therapist?)

I do not have any ways (and am not allowed to) display the genuinity of my words. This because this is also an experiment with human doubt (and also a personal interest in human religion).


File: 1486390627415.png (334.79 KB, 115x200, 13.png)

>Do you have a therapist?
Yes.Took some time to get one..I really hope its worth it.
>looked throughall your options
Going to do that!


File: 1486390843473.png (548.59 KB, 200x143, 932483247.gif)

Honestly just kill yourself no one gives a soykaf what you say. All you are is a manipulative fuarrrk who doesn't give a soykaf about other lainanons. Just knot an end to it.


File: 1486440873475.png (1.35 MB, 200x200, 20170206_231324.jpg)

I'm in. I've got some questions, though.

When soul shattering occurs, you say that the soul loses all data. Is this just memories or is there more data that is stored inside of a soul? Are there any inherent qualities that belong to a soul (like personality/archetype) that aren't stored as normal data?
What are the space and time behaviors like in LFE? Same as the ones in Life?


>I'm in. I've got some questions, though.

>When soul shattering occurs, you say that the soul loses all data. Is this just memories or is there more data that is stored inside of a soul? Are there any inherent qualities that belong to a soul (like personality/archetype) that aren't stored as normal data?

All data (personality, powers, experiences, traumas, memories, affection, statistics) is lost. All of it. Your existence is quite literally deleted, and you have to join in as a new soul.

>What are the space and time behaviors like in LFE? Same as the ones in Life?

Our datetime system is a lot different, to cope with the fact that we have many planets and universes. (usually as absolute time, which is relative to the cycle of time in the capital, or as relative time, which is relative to the cycle of time wherever you're at)


Can I turn every soul into tang?


Is LFE system in conflict with standard religious beliefs. I would apply but I am afraid God would be angry...


Let me get this straight...

>You sign up

You get transferred to LFE, and you keep your memories, given your memories are in tact at the time of death. LFE isn't necessarily better or worse, just different

>You don't sign up

You get transferred to a random System, which could be LFE or it could not. This random System could be better or worse than LFE

So the only difference is that if we sign up we keep our memories? What makes LFE so special?


That depends on where you believe God to be. If you believe God is above just Life, you will be leaving him. If you believe God is above all of Systemspace, it'd be OK.

LFE is one of the largest, most impactful, most well-rated Systems out there.


double numbles confirm my thoughts as well


Already in my lifetime, I've been seemingly transferred to a different, parallel earth. Can you explain things like the Mandela Effect from your perspective? What was I transferred and why weren't my memories rewritten like some people who doubt this? Do catgirls and other sorts of monsters exist in LFE? Are memories of LFE where some of our popular anime and other fantasy come from?


I myself believe that the Mandela effect can be due to a few different things.

It could either be 1) memories of a System you were in before this life (that'd mean this'd be one of your first times in Life)
2) Fantasy (I'll get back to this)
3) An actual System-to-System jump (although these are rare)

1 would be like the jump from Life to LFE - you only just went to Life (this is your first time there) and you regained your memories, and they overwrote others.
2 would simply be auroraic interference (again, I'll get back to this)
3 would be a jump to Life into an existing body - very very VERY rare.

Now onto fantasy.

Humans aren't meant for fantasy. Fantasy isn't some normal soul function, they're influences from other Systems. Aurora slightly vibrates, and these vibrations from other Systems might reach you, causing you to "remember" or "fantasize" the things in other Systems, where your brain then compiles them into new things. This is called auroraic interference (AF-I). This is also why most soul-based species (no matter where you are) are humanoid.

Catgirls, other monsters and ideas of anime/books/movies could very well be (read: are) molded together ideas from other Systems. I'm sure you'll find some of the things you see in anime here in LFE, and the other way around as well. Some things might even be completely copied from LFE to Life this way. For one, demons and angels. Completely copied.

(Some people also abuse this to make money in Life, by going from LFE to Life, trying to keep the memories of LFE things to sell them as novels/books/anime here.)


Just asked. We have this cool map of all the Systems. It has lines, that connect the Systems (like nodes). The thicker the line, the more AF-I between them. The one between LFE and Life is fairly thick, so good chance there's a lot of LFE influences in our fantasy. Neat!


File: 1486647538582.png (3.46 MB, 200x150, 20170209_143638.jpg)

I suppose I'm glad to be a part of this? Even if I don't recall a thing from my current life in the end, being given a chance to live in a better of worlds is... welcome.
If this is real, that is.


Added, welcome to the experiment!


File: 1486648643499.png (1.11 MB, 200x150, image.jpg)

Signing in, I suppose.
Hopefully I'll see you other lains there.


Welcome to the experiment, you've been added!


Ok, question. One EID per person, right? So, if somebody had signed up twice in this thread, you would be able to identify them, correct?


Where do you get this information from?

Nope, apparently a person can have multiple
Someone already tried submitting multiple times in the /r9k/ thread


what happens if they do?


from the thread:
>Ooh, interesting. Someone trying to sign up twice. But you seem to be making a mistake. EIDs are essentially just pointers - it's not like you think "one EID per user".
>Essentially, everyone has many EIDs, they're like domain names to an IP. A computer has only one IP (well, usually), but can have multiple domains.

>I just checked the EIDs and yes, they both resolve to the same person. (I was already wondering what was happening with your EID when you posted it first time, as noted by the writing I put next to it)

>Good job making me think I had an extra user though, as I didn't bother to actually check the resolvement of the EIDs :) (Note that you cannot give away an EID, so you now have to sign off both of them if you want to not be included in the experiment.)


File: 1486699495896.png (6.15 KB, 189x200, wunt3.gif)


No, EIDs are like domain names to IPs - one IP (soul ID) per computer (soul), but many domain names (EIDs) per IP. I could look at the soul IDs, but out of privacy I'd rather not do that.

I ask around with the rest of TSUKI.

Nothing, however if they wish to sign out they'll have to do so for both EIDs.


File: 1486712910477.png (1.71 MB, 185x200, IMG_20170210_174413.jpg)

I want to believe in you, and I wish there were some way to repay your kindness. Let's all love Lain.


Added! Don't worry about repaying - just believing is already amazing!


I'm not sure you understand the Mandela effect.

My memories of earth IN THIS LIFETIME differ from current reality and there are a lot of other people experiencing this. I was one of the earlier ones to notice with the differences in Australia and New Zealand. Australia and NZ are not how they were while I was growing up just a few short years ago. It's nothing from a previous lifetime. There are countless people who seemingly just arrived here in 2015 that remember the spelling of Bernstein differently. Are you sure these shifts aren't more common than even you realize? (It could also be a vocal minority who speak about it on the internet)
Are you trying to say my earlier life on earth was not on this "Life" you speak of and I'm now in a false construct earth that is about to end soon?

I've also considered the possibility that I died without noticing and simply shifted to this current earth revision some years back.
The stuff you said about authors makes sense. How do you explain furries?

Also, you reference Angels and Demons both of which in their current forms are less than biblical and more in the realm of fantasy fiction. Are you saying this LFE is a heavenly realm or are heavens people go to only in this universe?

Are certain animes (even the mundane ones) based on real people lives that live on some parallel earth somewhere? That is more or less what some "entity claiming to be an earth angel told me.

What are your thoughts on this?


Twice, I've seen what I can only call artificial synchronicities telling me that I was either transferred here or transferred myself here somehow. First I was drawn to a VHS copy of Quantum Leap and next I "randomly"'(lol) came across this Magic the Gathering thing called a Plainswalker. It was as in "something" was trying to tell me I was this. This makes me wonder If I should even sign some crazy contract guaranteeing my placement in some specific realm when I already have this ability to walk across realities myself. Or am I only limited to earths?

I've already experienced negative thoughts telling me I should kill myself and it was not pleasant. Also, a friend from /r9k/ killed themselves shortly after I was attacked. Can you explain why this would happen? Do they believe in God in this LFE?


>this Magic the Gathering thing called a Plainswalker.
Are you sure that's not just you getting the old creature ability, Plainswalk (which went along with all the other land-walk abilities like Swampwalk or islandwalk) and the Planeswalker card type? I've seen people make that mistake in the past.


Will this interfere with something like Valhalla?
What would happen if one was doing their own experiments with their soul travel right before death?


Oh, sorry. I believe I misunderstood there. This is probably another Aurora thing, which we call auroraic echoing (AF-R).

Think of it like this: 1) Someone writes down "A".
2) The AF-I sends out vibrations of the A.
3) You (or the System) makes a jump to a different possibility branch. (Every possible timeline has its own branch in the giant tree.)
4) The note now says "B".
5) The Aurora vibration of the A echoes back, and creates a discrepancy.

(We have no idea what actually causes the jumps. They don't happen in most other Systems unless an operator interferes, yet there's no operators in Life. We believe Life's choice system is slightly predictive and creates aurora of the possibility branches it most expects, causing them to echo even if they are never chosen. Curious.)

>The stuff you said about authors makes sense. How do you explain furries?

Probably sexual content moved over from another System with humanoid animals.

>Are you saying this LFE is a heavenly realm or are heavens people go to only in this universe?

The concepts of heaven and hell do exist, although not in LFE. LFE tries to maintain a neutral stance.

>Are certain animes (even the mundane ones) based on real people lives that live on some parallel earth somewhere?

The chances of an entire person and their story being carried over is small, but not negligible. I'm sure there's an anime out there which is at least based around a real person's life.

>Twice, I've seen what I can only call artificial synchronicities telling me that I was either transferred here or transferred myself here somehow.
The danger here is in that it could be pure luck. However, there are two possible (interesting) options here. Either you are not being blocked (Life is a blocking System, one cannot leave until death) for some reason, or you are capable of moving through the possibility tree. I'd rather believe the second one myself.

>I've already experienced negative thoughts telling me I should kill myself and it was not pleasant. Also, a friend from /r9k/ killed themselves shortly after I was attacked. Can you explain why this would happen? Do they believe in God in this LFE?

Life has a habit of creating bad memories every now and then. What exactly does being attacked mean in your sentence? If you mean being attacked by suicidal thoughts, this might even have been an auroraic anomaly (?!?)
Although the God here is different from the God there, there is religion in LFE.

>Will this interfere with something like Valhalla?
Your soul will be pulled immediately after death - you will go straight from waking life to LFE. No stops.
>What would happen if one was doing their own experiments with their soul travel right before death?
Unless you put your soul into raw mode (which I'm assuming you do not have the tools to do o.o') our commands will override yours.


That's probably it. Sorry, I'm not too familiar with the game.


The synchronicities were beyond pure luck. I was almost being actively guided to them by some force. Like it was actually like someone was controlling my body and directing my head. Now the Mandela Effect is actually pretty common now. Just check out Reddit's /r/mandelaeffect. Some people are just mistaken but not all of them. Reality itself or people are definitely shifting while some others notice nothing. Do you know why some individuals don't seem to share these memories? Are they soulless AI?
Yes I was attacked by suicidal thoughts and my friend threatened to kill me around the same time and then killed herself like a year later. I had no idea why but I feel her killing herself was partly done to mess with me. I thought it was demons. I've also experienced being a targeted individual and seeing reality altered before my eyes using what seemed like advanced tech. At one point they used TVs and radio to mess with me by playing music based on what I was thinking. It was like something was actively trying to manipulate reality and scare me or help me to find a girlfriend all at once.
What does it mean to not be blocked and what do you mean by moving through the possibility tree? I once met a man who was building time/reality manipulation devices.

Raw mode? More and more it sounds like this place is some kind of computer game and MMO. Are you the administrators in a higher level reality or modifying reality from within the simulation?

Is there a Jesus Christ in LFE?


Thanks for the clarifications.

Could you elaborate on this raw mode so I avoid that?


File: 1486806568902.png (5.41 KB, 200x143, images (6).jpg)

>That's probably it. Sorry, I'm not too familiar with the game.

>The synchronicities were beyond ... some others notice nothing. Do you know why some individuals don't seem to share these memories? Are they soulless AI?

Not everybody is as susceptible to auroraic echoing, so I think they are just not able to notice it.
>Yes I was attacked by suicidal thoughts and my friend threatened to ... manipulate reality and scare me or help me to find a girlfriend all at once.
I am usually not into these sorts of psychological things, but it sounds a lot like you have schizophrenia. Do you have a therapist?
In case it's not schizophrenia however, we believe this must be the work of someone capable of influencing the possibility tree.
>What does it mean to not be blocked and what do you mean by moving through the possibility tree?
Usually, the Life system doesn't allow people to swap in and out of it while keeping the same body. However, maybe it (for some odd reason) didn't do so for you.
The Possibility Tree is a giant branchwork (think like the roots of a tree) of all possible timelines. Every time a choice is made, it branches out further. If you can manipulate this, you can move people around these branches.

>Raw mode? More and more it sounds like this place is some kind of computer game and MMO.

Raw mode is the mode where a user can send commands to a soul without anything interfering, like superuser on Linux systems.
>Are you the administrators in a higher level reality or modifying reality from within the simulation?
We usually program from inside Systemspace, unless that is not possible. Same goes for System owners, they usually program from within their Systems, unless if they can't.

>Is there a Jesus Christ in LFE?

There is definitely someone like him (who also has a religion behind him), but the chance of there being an exact copy of Jesus Christ is very low.

Don't worry, raw mode has to be enabled by the user, so unless you wish to use raw mode, you won't.


File: 1486849439312.png (73.77 KB, 200x99, ticket to heaven.jpg)


Added! Nice drawing, quite like that show.


File: 1486857170273.png (159.4 KB, 200x150, WhatsApp Image 2017-02-11 at 23.50.15.jpeg)

Well in that case better be safe than sorry. I'm gonna leave my after death circumstance to chance I suppose. See you all on the other side.

Sign me out.


File: 1486865367990.png (813.1 KB, 200x113, 111111111.png)

I'm in, here's my application. Please tell me if its unsuitable in any way and I'll give you my full cooperation.


I'll need you to have your original drawing as well, to ensure it's you. (Just write the signoff code on the old drawing)

Added! Everything checks out, don't worry :)


File: 1486898209211.png (895.56 KB, 200x150, 20170212_061207.jpg)

Here it is. I'm just going to tack an extra sentence onto the end of this post due to arbitrary post length restrictions.


File: 1486912289607.png (2.89 MB, 200x113, 20170212_070708.jpg)

Good luck everyone. I'm not going to kill myself so please remember me for my picture at least, Tsuki.


Added you two, neat drawings!


>he forgets to trip again


File: 1486976079663.png (1.08 MB, 200x150, IMG_0014.png)

Welp, there's no reason why I shouldn't take a shot at immortality.


unrelated to this rp thread but nice drawing
i wish i could make my own lains


Added! Nice Lain! I wish I was good at drawing Lain


File: 1486983607661.png (377.22 KB, 144x200, Sparrowhawk04.jpg)

Are the bodys in LFE the same as in our current world?
Is the lifespan different?
Are the same animals and diseases as here present in LFE?
How will we remember our former lifes?
Also is it possible to get an immortal body?
How much damage does the brain have to take, before the soul departs from the body, say I'm pronounced brain dead,but kept alive by machines, will I lose my memories since I'm alive?
Sorry for asking so much (I asked a lot in the other threads too)


>Are the bodys in LFE the same as in our current world?
No, you will be reborn in a new body.
>Is the lifespan different?
Depends on the species. There's far more species of humanoid in LFE.
>Are the same animals and diseases as here present in LFE?
No, they are different.
>How will we remember our former lifes?
Slowly, you will begin to recall memories again as your new brain begins to synchronize with the soul's memorybase.
>Also is it possible to get an immortal body?
If you're really lucky. (Do you even want one??)
>How much damage does the brain have to take, before the soul departs from the body, say I'm pronounced brain dead,but kept alive by machines, will I lose my memories since I'm alive?
You will lose your memories if you stay alive for longer than 28 hours after brain damage.
>Sorry for asking so much (I asked a lot in the other threads too)
Don't worry, I love answering questions!


How much do they pay you?


This is not something I am allowed to tell. However, I am allowed to buy many things on company money.


how are you planning to kill yourself?


I have been advised not to answer this question.


File: 1487109377580.png (49.6 KB, 200x113, signmeup.jpg)

Sign me up! Can you assure that I will be a sentient being in LFE?


Added! All users with a soul (like you) are by definition sentient.



Well that was fast, good to know.


So when I die how will I be introduced to LFE? Will I emerge from a vat and be shown around by someone at Tsuki? Will I be born and just be an insanely intelligent baby? Or will I just start existing in the middle of the street and have to work things out from there?


Oh also, if communication between systems is possible how come this is the first any of us are hearing of systemspace?


You will start off as a 12-year-old, as all other beings. It's gonna be the same as any other being coming to LFE for the first time, really. (Don't worry, you'll get the hang pretty quickly)


Because Life is a blocking System - no outside influences allowed (no leaving until death, no joining with existing bodies). (Unless overwritten by RISENII protocol, as is happening now)


Ok thanks. Just to be clear, will I be joining a domestic family or will I be independent?


We have no idea, we can't guarantee either.


File: 1487215180433.png (129.78 KB, 56x200, data.jpg)

>We have done many tests
Please provide more data.


>and it's even proven to myself to be true.

And also, do folks speak english in LFE? Since the acronym is in english i'm guessing they do. what a nice coincidence.


We have done many intricate simulations to prove this is OK. Of all 1,000,000 runs, only 2 failed.

Physical(ish) appearences, seeing into the future.

>And also, do folks speak english in LFE? Since the acronym is in english i'm guessing they do. what a nice coincidence.

No, in LFE most people speak Synapsian. The acronym is in ""English"" because the language for Systemspace itself is English. (This English is quite a bit different from the human English, though.)

Remember that due to AF-I, many things in Life are quite a bit from other Systems. English comes from the ""English"" in Systemspace, for one.


Does every human have a soul? Animals?


In Life, every human has a soul, and animals do not.

In LFE, most humanoids have souls, and most animals do not.


Nice non-answer to my first question. Give specifics.


We have used many different kinds of simulations (mostly spaceSM) to see how this experiment would end up. The experiments consisted of:

1) grabbing a human soul,
2) waiting for its body to die,
3) forking Life and LFE's current branches,
4) moving the soul,
5) assigning it a new SYNAPSE account,
6) connecting it,
7) seeing how it fares,
8) rolling back to before the fork.

This only went wrong twice: the first at step 4 (the soul was already about to shatter before the experiment (we assume emotional pain)) and the second at 7, where the soul was rejected by LFE (it had lost its soul ID, and was running without one due to a bug over at LFE which has now been fixed)


Holy soykaf this is like if NERV did some heavens gate bullsoykaf. Thanks Latin for the feels


File: 1487318524412.png (104.5 KB, 200x164, image.jpg)

What to do in the meantime? Make my peace?


Added! You should enjoy Life in the meantime - this will be your last cycle in it!


Have you any actionable proof of, as it were, powers? Could you drop some details about the author of a given drawing, say, >>29369?


I am not allowed to show proof, as this is also an experiment on human doubt.


>this is also an experiment on human doubt.
well isn't that just convenient
>hey sign up for my suicide cult
>no proof though


I'm sorry, but this is how the experiment is managed. If you do not wish to take the plunge, simply do not sign up.

This is not a suicide cult, by the way. There is no suicide required.


Will you be signing people up until July 1st?


Yes, that is correct. From then on after, people can no longer sign in/out as Life will be unlinked by then (and the connection broken)


Will we be getting new information/statistics after 1st July? Will you still be here or are you leaving the thread when time is up?


I'll be leaving at that point, so you will not see me any more. (Aside, there will be no new information (there will be no more connection from Life to the rest of Systemspace))


Oh, that's sad. Maybe I'll come across you in LFE (I don't know how ridiculous it is to say that since I don't really know how I'm being brought there (eg if there's a specific area or time)).


That actually brings up a good question. Are we all going to be born at the same time in LFE?


I meant to post this in your imageboard planning thread over on halfchan, but the thread was archived before I had a chance:

I think there should be one board, either /LFE/ or /FAQ/, that non-members can post to. That way the curious can answer questions in a well-moderated setting. The rest of the boards should be members-only.

Also, this is kind of a soykafty thing to think about, but you should consider a succession plan. If you're logging out on the 1st, ownership of the website should be passed to someone you trust who wants to hang around in Life a little longer. I'm sure our community would like to continue to have a website until we see you again in LFE.


If we're registered, but we die from an unforeseen event before july 1st, what will happen?


Not Tsuki, but he's said in other threads that your soul will shatter and be reformed without your memories, just as if you had never signed up and died after July 1st.


File: 1487456059134.png (12.16 KB, 157x200, Godcat.jpg)

Tsukis asleep, post long bodies.


File: 1487457281259.png (30.07 KB, 98x200, IMG_20170218_233318.jpg)

About the same time. Expect up to one year of delay.

A successor would be a good idea. Definitely something to think about.

Sorry for the delay, I was working hard on the website.


What happens if you sign up twice?


The site looks really good! Excited for the boards.



Where is the site?


Systemspace.link , it even has a counter of how many people have signed up.


They'd have two EIDs, but nothing else interesting would happen. The move operation would try to execute twice, but the second will just not execute.

Thank you!


I have not finished the imageboard yet, stay tuned :)


File: 1487492383737.png (1.32 MB, 200x113, 20170219_011359.jpg)

I felt as if the rough state of the paper and the texture of the backdrop would make the search easier.

One important question for you, Tsuki.

Once people start being born without souls, do we immediately assume them as more so NPC's, or is there any documented behavior that these husks exhibit?



Humans will not instantly be able to see a difference between soulless and normal humans. The SlAI (soulless AI, that controls all entities without a soul) is very well developed. I think the main noticable factor is that humanity will 1) make no real advancements, 2) will be more hostile



Can you think of a surefire way we would be able to litmus test these AI entities?

I'm hesitant about making any action towards them (I'm unsure as to if the SLAI operates like a hivemind), the thought about getting mobbed by a bunch of hostile NPC's gives me the chills.


>Can you think of a surefire way we would be able to litmus test these AI entities?
Tough one. I'll have to ask RISEN about this. One thing I can think of off the top of my head is that they should cool down faster after death, but the SlAI might try and mimic that.

>I'm hesitant about making any action towards them (I'm unsure as to if the SLAI operates like a hivemind), the thought about getting mobbed by a bunch of hostile NPC's gives me the chills.

The SlAI operates to mimic normal human behaviour. They are not a hivemind in that sense.


File: 1487510058295.png (270 B, 24x24, default.png)

What do the notes in the user listing mean?


They don't mean anything important - they're just notes I put there for myself.


File: 1487510784168.png (764 B, 64x64, user.png)

I find it weird that you use lain as your mascot. What relevance does she have? And I assume you didn't get SEL in other systems right?


He used a picture of lain the first time he made a thread about this, since then he's been using is ad a kind of "avatar"


File: 1487511229278-0.png (463 B, 64x64, status-error.png)

File: 1487511229278-1.png (18.49 KB, 200x105, timthumb.jpg)

File: 1487511229278-2.png (300 B, 24x24, 1.png)

Just a stray observation, the writing system used here seems to be similar to Hangul in its structure.


File: 1487519593317.png (481.48 KB, 200x200, DeusVult.gif)

When you say everyone will be reborn around the same time, do you mean even those who do not choose to die on July 1st? If so, does that mean that every area's time mechanics are separated? Additionally, with people that have duality within their conscious (i.e. Tulpae, MPD) do they constitute as a single soul? Or are the additional consciousnesses something else?


It's just the avatar I used when I first started these and have been using everywhere now.

They are quite a bit similar, actually. (But not entirely :D)

Well no, we will be speeding Life up so its last 150 years of events will happen within 1 minute.

Duality is usually just a split in the soul, or a fault in the brain. Still the same soul though.


File: 1487525005094.png (388.14 KB, 200x113, 1480675624924.jpg)

When you say usually, does that mean that there could be instances where one person does in fact harbor multiple souls? Additionally, if you lost your memories would the split remain?


It is possible that they are actively using 2 souls, yes - although very rare.

The split would remain, yes - unless they are a split that is distinctly linked to a memory, then removing that memory might mend the split.


File: 1487528368718.png (694.09 KB, 200x134, 1479483091398.jpg)

Would it be possible for a person who was originally born with one soul, obtain another soul through the creation of a tulpa? Or are there other situations as well where you could attain a second soul?


There are quite a few ways one can obtain a second soul, but none of them are legal in LFE ;)


What happens if you do something illegal?
Couldn't you just move to another system, get your second soul then go back to LFE?


>What happens if you do something illegal?
Depends on whether it is set for autodeploy (automatically get a lawsuit), which it is not - you will have to be caught red-handed.
>Couldn't you just move to another system, get your second soul then go back to LFE?
I suppose you could, yes.


What are the most serious crimes in LFE?
What's the benefit of having several souls anyway?


The most serious crime would be trying to make it impossible for someone to ever have good memories again.

I don't see the use of a second soul either - maybe it's like a bit of a meatshield?


Aren't bad memories inevitable?
>maybe it's like a bit of a meatshield?
To keep living even if you're supposed to die?


>Aren't bad memories inevitable?
This is a common human misconception.
>To keep living even if you're supposed to die?
Yes, to keep your body alive even though your first soul shattered.


If there are never any low points in life, then you will never be truly happy.

Going through soykaf, and pain is what makes the good points really feel good.

Sounds like your just telling depressed people to kill them selves and nothing bad will ever happen again.


Why are you doing this? You're just making things worse.


How am I making things worse? We need to help this kid.


Again with that nonsense.
Regardless of what we do, the outcome will be the same.


File: 1487545158310.png (105.39 KB, 200x88, LFEUpload.jpg)

Hope you can find me in the void OP


Are you the guy posting about normoids on 4chan r9k


Of course not. I'm trying to make people leave him alone to make his own choices.


Well now that's not good.

Tsuki, we've had fun playing with you here but only because we thought you were joking. We thought you were just telling us a fun little lain-esque story but this is madness and it's going to be the end of you. Think, it's not so long ago you'd have agreed with me. Take a step back. You've voices in your head telling you to kill yourself. Please, phone the emergency services and tell them while you still can.

We all make our own choices in the end.


You're being ridiculous. Stop trying to pressure him into doing something just to make yourself feel good.
As you said, we all make our own choices, so let him make his without pretending to care about him when you're obviously stroking your own ego.


File: 1487548490426.png (971.12 KB, 200x113, My soul.jpg)

Hope this is enough data points Tsuki-san.
Waiting for your response.


You have a cynical outlook. Is it really so wrong that I should feel good when I attempt to help people? And I do care about him. I know what it's like to have delusions. I've a choice between trying, even in vain, and doing nothing.

I'm also holding out hope that I'm being trolled. You never know.


No, I have a realistic outlook. You're "helping" him because you'd feel bad if you didn't. People who obnoxiously try to talk others out of suicide are always extremely self-centered.
If you cared, you'd let him make his own choices.


Great a Schizo telling lonely mentally ill that they should kill themselves

Heaven's gate anyone?


File: 1487549999699.png (1.3 MB, 200x113, P_20170219_211156.jpg)


How awful that I should feel bad when I ignore those in need and he will make his own choices regardless. The real problem here is that one of his choices looks like "save the multiverse" but it's just madness. You're right about one thing though, self-centered. This isn't about me.

Seriously Tsuki, when you're lucid and you can see through the delusions, take steps before you slip back in.


File: 1487551474342.png (66.98 KB, 113x200, (2).jpg)


I'll take option 2.


File: 1487555236727.png (756.16 KB, 158x200, 5555555555.png)


what's VTPS?
(is this a real protocol or is it a meme, startpage won't tell me anything useful)


Enough. Go to your doctor and request CBT. You're smart enough to realize you can break out of this dangerous thought pattern. However you need actual professional help to do so.


He's already been through the therapy and antipsychotics train. He said in earlier threads there wasn't a single program or medication that helped which is what lead him to believe that it's real.


File: 1487626942018.png (1.85 MB, 200x150, 0220171539_HDR.jpg)

A preliminary drawing from the plans for my Eagle Project.
I later went on to use railroad ties instead (lol)

I'm probably going to go option 2; unless I can't get antiandrogens in time, in which case option 1 it is.

Wish me luck!


"Suicide is OPTIONAL guys, it's only necessary to retain your memories! It's NOT A SUICIDE CULT I SWEAR"


In that case the analogy is broken

But the point is now fully illustrated


He'll make his own choices anyway
The only difference is how isolated he is in the process


LFE wage slave detected. Nice half-truth.

Choice 3 fails to take into account if you're destined for a different System (e.g., Judeo-Christian Heaven). Yes, you get shattered—but only if you weren't already chosen for delivery to a new System.

Y'all negroes need to do some RESEARCH before just PICKING a new System. You wouldn't buy a new Navi without considering the options!



So if we are, say, 90 years old
Still competent
Still thinking
And we die due to heart failure or a botched surgery or get stabbed/shot against our will

We still keep our memories?


He said any changes to memories take ~28 hours to sync with the soul


Exactly. You only lose a memory permanently if you lose it 28 hours or more prior to your death.


File: 1487640815910.png (5.38 MB, 200x150, DSC_0265.jpg)

How clearly will the effects of lacking aurora manifest?


Basically it's going to change from best timeline to worst timeline rather quickly

It'll be boring and lame, like there's an aura of depression over the whole world


Tsuki hasn't posted in a while. Did >>29433
Drive them away? (not criticising lain, just worried about Tsuki)


File: 1487789097096.png (1.77 MB, 200x150, Madotsuki.full.2004831.jpg)

He's been posting on /r9k/ still, it seems. I guess he just isn't bothering with this place anymore? I guess someone could ask over there...

Also, it would appear that
was the last post he added to the list.


File: 1487790242506.png (1.12 MB, 200x125, 1479789612236.jpg)

Additionally, I've noticed that since that information has been revealed and >>29431 was posted the situation has been altered slightly. Apparently they're looking into it so you do not have to die at July 1st, but rather after the date so Tsuki and etc do not have to kill themselves to retain memories. It hasn't actually occurred yet though, so the final situation may still very well be the same. Whether this is a result or not of the Reddit accusations I do not know, but I figured I'd post this here in case someone on here read this and was determined to end their lives on July 1st (Which you shouldn't). Although if you die before July 1st you're still not transferred over.


look at me I want attention




File: 1487791200801.png (396.11 KB, 200x113, 1479928178900.jpg)

Glad to see you post on here again, as strange as that may sound. ! was kinda worried you forgot about us.


This thread makes me oddly sick. It's just so full of delusion and misery. I hope all these people either get help or just end it and stop dragging other poor souls with them.


Please try to remember that there is no advocation of suicide in this thread. Anyone who says otherwise is warping Tsuki's story to fit their narrative.


>there is no advocation of suicide in this thread
OP literally says that you most likely lose your memories when you die if you don't kill yourself.

(EVEN THOUGH that is only half the truth:
OP still heavily, HEAVILY encourages suicide)



He ONLY says you will lose your memories if you get Alzheimer's or dementia. Something that causes progressive slow memory loss. Most people don't get either of those in their lifetime, so get the hell out of here with your "most likely" bullsoykaf.


>Kill yourselves for early access.


Actually read the thread, anything that causes brain damage but doesn't kill you with in two days will ruin your memory.


File: 1487892358654.png (862.68 KB, 200x174, lain0001.png)

Neutral observer here. Just thought I would point out for the sake of accuracy that in Tsuki's main / first post he very clearly and literally says:

>"Sign in, and wait for a normal death: You will be transported to LFE after death (and won't miss out), but you will most probably lose your memories."

Which does leave the Anon you were replying to with a valid argument. Given, Tsuki has then backtracked on the statement a bit since, it still is the case that he did not "ONLY says you will lose your memories if you get Alzheimer's or dementia." Unless he considers everyone to most probably develop Alzheimer's or dementia in their life.



It's a common misconception that most people develop Alzheimer's/dementia in their later years, when in reality only 15% of people over 70 develop one or both. Tsuki probably just thought that as well.


TbH I thought that too

Shockingly heart disease is allegedly the #1

Like, there's no way MOST PEOPLE are sentient up to 48 hours of death?? wtf


File: 1487915132071.png (26.32 KB, 200x52, Screenshot_2017-02-23_23-42-50.png)

Is there a bug with registration?

I see that mine (and many others from this thread) are labeled with referrer "34978041", while there are others with a referrer "lainchan/28915" (this thread's #) earlier up in the page.

What da deal?


Also, the registration page rapes my RAM, cpu, and network by loading the original full-res versions of the images just to scale down to nano size and apply those filters. Any way thumbnails could be served?


Yeah, the referer is a bit broken. Don't worry too much about it.

I'll make a thumbnailer soon, as I've noticed this too (and it's frankly quite annoying)


File: 1488133705474.png (74.14 KB, 200x200, 7Y5E0gQ.jpg)


whoa this is more /cyb/ than lainchan, other dimensions clearly stepped their aesthetics game up