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When it comes to dessert most people fall in several categories… So here are the categories:

The cream type…
…is the type that loves all kinds of cream…Icing, gelatine, whipped cream, chocolate cream, ice cream, whipped cream. And usually some fruit as well. Pastry is optional, but when it is there it is usually there to just to make the desert stable in form.
If you are this, I suggest you try the relatively new but popular icy wind cake.

The chocolate type:
Although with the change of generations, vanilla has taken the lead as the most popular flavour, this type stays with the proven chocolate.. Chocolate icing, chocolate cream…well everything chocolate just for chocolates sake. Other than chocolate their recipes can contain nuts and caramel.
The classic Sacher cake is this guys favourite

The pastry type:
Donuts and croissants… as well as waffles and various filled breads. Usually those are filled with chocolate or jam.
Well I suggest…donuts.

The nuts type:
Everything with various nuts. This type usually also loves pastry, however only the hard types of pastry. Also honey.

The fruit type:
Well, desserts with lots of fruits. The fruits themselves are usually supplemented by gelatine or by cream.

And many others…

Which type are you? I am definitely a cream guy. Although I do like the occasional donut or croissant.


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I adore pastries but I always tend to order desserts with fruits.
Sometimes I combine both preferences and eat some fruit filled croissants.
As for donuts, my favorite are crullers.
I'm not a huge fan of the cream type but I have an undying love for rum raisin ice cream.


This is a hard one, but let's try:
I don't enjoy creams too much, but I love them with pastry.
Chocolate is always a safe bet, and sometimes you just need some hot cocoa to get through a soykafty day at uni.
Pastry is fuarrrking great, but I dislike most donuts. Also, I hate the pastry when it's too crumbly.
I guess I will take the side of the nuts, but they are too fuarrrking expensive where I live, so I don't eat them often. I also dislike walnuts, I think because of their texture, but idk.
I don't see fruits as a dessert, I just eat them whenever I've got the chance.

Rum raisin is master race. Also, strawberries with whipped cream and irish cream.


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I think I'll fall in chocolate type, but every once in a while I crave for some good pastry. Maybe a crepe with a few drops of honey on the top, or somesort of croissant. Maybe even some sort of sweet bread, for example beloved panettone. Donuts can be amazing too, if not the price (which is rather high here) and massive amount of sugar icing - I try to reducs sugar intake.


Pastries are my favourite but donuts don't count.


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Honestly i don't usually care for anything that isn't choclate but in combination with any of those others its even better.
although i do enjoy japanese pastries especially sweet red bean paste.


People that like nuts are usually of the hard working type.


I'm in the cream category for sure. I love a good slice of torte or cheesecake. I'm not big on ice cream or chocolate, but I don't hate them. That icy wind cake looks great.



Pastry type, reporting in. Not the biggest fan of fried bread though, so donuts are eh for me.