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You decide to take a trip outside for a study session. The evening sky welcomes your presence with wide open orange and blue colors. No one bothers you at all all the way to your local cafe- which is empty at the time of the day. You pick your spot nice and cozy against a corner to focus. Something catches your eye. She looks familiar in a strange way but you can't put your finger on it... until you spot the crossed braid in her single strain of hair. It's Lain! You approach her to say something, but in your nerves you mis-pronounce her name...
...each post from the first reply onward is the name you accidentally call her. How fuarrrked are you? How do you save your silly mistake? Do you run? Hide? No matter where you go, everyone's connected anyway lainon. :)


jokes on you i am lain


I just slap the bitch. Bitches love when daddy slaps them. After I do, we sit down in the now orange-only sky and she cries her eyes out over a cup of tea, then disappears to do whatever is left of the episode. Damn it was a good slap.