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It's amazing how I fear mass computerization today. 10 years ago, I'd be very happy to know how 2017 will turn out, but now it horrifies me from the inside. Internet has finally become an ad-serving media, and corporations dropped all ethics just to make us sure that we will know about some UltraWhatever 3000. Ad corporations have acquired technology not any worse than secret services like CIA or MI-6 have and they are perfectly safe to keep using such technologies because corporations don't violate any written rights, it's all just business.
Maybe it's the heaven cyberpunk lovers dreamt of, but it's not my dream. I want to get off this ride.


uBlock origin.

The body was too short or empty.



You're on Lainchan and you don't like 4he cyberpunk future we're going into? I am so ready! Can't wait to become one with the wired.



fuarrrkin' Autocorrect man.


why do you complain about the auto-correction AI? it's probably smarter than you and knows what you wanted to say better than you anyway. people should not be allowed to communicate in non-autocorrected channels - image, we could stop hate speech by the roots!


The /tech/ is cool, but the megacorporations owning every aspect of your life oart of cyberpunk was supposed to be a warning.



It replied with 4he instead of the.


Maybe it's time for you to go full Philip Agre and get out while you still can.


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I think, now pic related is relevant like never before.

With regard to getting off that ride - you can minimize damage you get but opting-out or by creating alternatives to existing situations. You can also reduce damage done to people you can have influence on.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about specific topic of "corps on the internet". It is the broader picture that truly scares me.


I'm in a seriously similar situation, but I don't really mind using my PC if running Arch or Gentoo. I do mind using soykaf like smartphones and tablets tho, where you 'freedom' is actually restricted


Me too. I have found that getting rid of all instantaneous electronic communication has helped me with technological burn out but I still don't like where things are going. I find that I am spending less and less time on computers. I sit and read books now or walk in parks. Technological society is wearing


i just buy stuff that actually is enhancing my skills instead of just entertaining me in exchange for my personal data.

also i try to still stay independent. for example if we should end in a certain post-apocalytic scenario i'll could be the person who can fix soykaf and still survive without a fuarrrking pocket helper.

just my 2 cents


I'm constantly amazed at the extent companies will go to spy on people so they can better advertise. 10 years ago your tinfoil hat may have been on too tight if you were worried about your devices communicating through sounds above your range of hearing so that your actions could be tracked between those devices, but in late 2015 there was an advertising company doing exactly that (SilverPush and their ultrasound tracking beacons). I've almost completely stopped using non free software, with the exception of drivers and software necessary for games (which I run separately from my main OS), because a lot of it now days tries to shove spyware down your throat at every turn. I will say that, unlike most people, I have been insulated from most of the web based spying as I started globally blocking scripts/cookies and manually allowing only what was necessary for pages to run back in 2009 and used the original Adblock for Firefox before Adblock Plus was released, while I see many people like >>29289 suggest simple ad blockers as if they're something new. I also never got on board with social media.

I wouldn't describe myself as a technophobe however, as I still think it's exciting to see the new technology as it comes out such as the 8k monitors that were announced earlier this year, AMD's new Ryzen processors where I'd be able to build a cute slim mini ITX box that could run all of my games with one of the new APUs coming out if I wanted (I still need to weigh the problems of Windows 10, AMD's PSP, and my games isolated on my network where I can have more external control of what that machine can connect to vs Windows 7 and my games in a VM on my main machine), and SBCs becoming more powerful so that even though netbooks are no longer produced I could still possibly upgrade an old one with some work.


What's up with the whole>no free internet is the greatest injustice capitalism has ever devised (and before they had ethics somehow), if you take issue with the reification of discourse and society then fight it - otherwise and to put it bluntly we haven't seen anything yet.


kaczynski-sama who never did anything wrong ever.


Yes I can definitely relate

I remember being a kid in the 2000s fascinated by what future tech would be like and these days I can only see it being used by the ruling class to further dominate and bludgeon and normal people

cyberpunk was meant to be dystopian


yes 100% with you on this


Teddy K was right about the psychological elements.
IMO, we're going to have a giant war, megadeath, and then rebuild with the same tech but less complicated societies.
Think He-Man: flying vehicles and guns, feudal society





You know that a megadeath is just a million dead, right?
That'd actually be a pretty light toll.

Also, life under aristocracy is not fun, and that circle is more exclusive than the rich-corp-owner one.