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Will any other Lains be attending Def Con this year? Is a meet-up a possibility?


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I definitely would want to. If I can, I will certainly go and would be happy to meetup with other Lains. That being said, it's a pretty expensive trip so it's a stretch if I'll make it or not.


If I can find someone to take care of my dog.. I'm going to go. I don't know half as much as what most people there do, but I definitely want to go to learn and meet some others who can teach me a little.


What kind of dog do you have, lain?


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Am I the only one who thinks this warning is kind of stupid?
I mean, I'm all on board for discouraging soykafty posts, but I can't really see how one could elaborate more on a topic like this without becoming redundant.. In this case the thread's quality is determined by the posts in it and sometimes simplicity is the best course to take. But hey, what do I know? Sorry, I just wanted to say this, no disrespect intended.

As for the question, no, I have no resources to travel at the moment. Seems like something I'd like to check out and get involved with someday though.


Post is pretty short and doesn't tell us wtf Defcon is / why we should give a soykaf about it. Just a bunch of questions strung together.

(I don't care if you nerds already know about defcon. It's still a soykafty post by any standard)