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>tfw no lainist friends to study SEL with
anybody on this damn chan a lainist?



>tfw ppl consider me an autistic weeb when try to introduce them Lain


i know that feel so well when i ask if anyone is a lainist


lol, I never breathe a word to anyone about any kind of anime. Get ready for the shameful "neckbeard" attacks and condescending snickers.


I know that from when I was young and did it. But truthfully I only like a small subsection of anime that I would consider the best of the best. Lains one of them. But I've gotten jazzed up for anything cyber punk for a long time now.


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I've yet to meet one that has actually watched SEL in real life. Most weebs I know only watch the most recent and popular animes.

Maybe one day it'll happen and I'll meet a fellow lainon...


My taste for anime is pretty limited too. I don't care if it's popular or not, I don't give a soykaf about being hip because I like some obscure show. I like Lain but I like some popular shows too. Is One Punch Man popular? I really love that soykaf. Akira and Ghost in the Shell are popular as hell, to the point that many people that don't like anime have seen them. I don't disavow those movies because they're popular. No, I think they're badass, some of my favorites.

I do really like cyberpunk, but I like some fantasy and / or historical stuff. Basilisk is pretty cool, I just watched it for the first time recently.

I feel like a nerd, in America there's subculture that things anime is cool and sublime, really they're just foreign cartoons, I'm ashamed that I spend so much time watching this soykaf.


>Is One Punch Man popular? I really love that soykaf. Akira and Ghost in the Shell are popular as hell, to the point that many people that don't like anime have seen them

Is One Punch Man good? I keep hearing good things from my friends but they also recommended some soykaf anime to me before so I don't trust their opinions as much anymore.

I am really excited for the Ghost in the Shell movie. Even if it is soykaf, it is a good opportunity to show people cool cyberpunk anime.


I find myself liking anime less and less after watching more quality live-action films. They're often just so inept and horribly directed that they become hard to watch. Of course, there's a few that break the mold, but I'm at the point where I can't seem to find any of the sort that I haven't already seen.

The last anime I truly enjoyed was Yokohoma Kaidashi Kiko.


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I've never heard of this, it sounds a bit like kek worship but less tounge in cheek.
I wouldn't take SEL as an actual religious text but I think I can (and do) treat it as a very prophetic work. Lain is a metaphor for the network of the human subconscious that only became significant after the wired went global. I half believe that what we do on the wired has a direct influence on meatspace, and I believe fully that it has an indirect influence as well.
I don't think lain herself is real but there might be someone or something like her out there.

One punch man is pretty popular and I personally think it's popularity is well deserved.I was never fond of chinese funny pages but I heard the manga was pretty good too.


One Punch Man is one of the most entertaining anime I've watched. The sense of humor in the show is really funny. Rarely does an anime actually make me laugh, but this show does. Also, the animation is pretty top notch.

All of this is opinion, ymmv.

I actually watched the first season of the show twice, because I like it so much. I never re-watch.


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this post has enough content.


Lainist is probably the uglies word I've ever heard.
Use lainanon instead, or lainon.

I doubt you get this meme


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i do not think lainists and lainons are the same thing, lainon... and i agree it is not a very eloquent sounding word


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fixed for clarity
clarity for fixed


we have knights of eastern calculus meetups in the bay area

it's pretty schway

just ask people you know if they love lain. just say it's a meme if they don't get it.


fuarrrk, whereabouts?
I just moved out of the bay area (Oakland/SF); maybe I can attend next time I come back


Agreed on both points; Lainon (lain+anon) is specifically related to us here. I can think of some even uglier replacements for lainist though:



i like all of these a lot less



Lainbrains sounds like something straight out of Daria.


File: 1488145708600.png (17.84 KB, 200x144, things-zombie-movies-stole-from-night-of-the-living-dead-karen-cooper.jpg)

It calls to mind zombie movies. I think one of the survivor groups in Walking Dead calls them lame brains though so that's prolly why.


You know that's one of those shows that feels terribly dated in all the wrong ways if you go back and try and watch it. It was something I enjoyed at the time, but it feels like a cut and paste attempt at being alternative. The characters feel so one dimensional that it gets annoying. Its a very copy and paste attempt at entertainment.

With that said I kind of lainbrains. But lainanon works the best probably.



too short or empty (that's what SHE said)


delete this



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I've never met a lainist in real life. Or anyone that likes SEL really. Is it possible we all exist in different alternative realities that are connected by the wired? Is it only through the power of our love of Lain that we can communicate?


I know one person who knows it. We talked about it a few times. He picked up on some of the computing aspects that I did not, because he's deep into programming and is from the generation when SEL was made. Of course I could still be telling you all this from an alternate dimension. Maybe my friend lives in one alternate to me as well and I only thought we met and thought I slept on a cot in his apartment and met his wife. Meanwhile I was really a brain in a jar somewhere with wires attached.

...also dat pic :)



That is just your wishful thinking. In reality SEL is not even a big deal, and many people don't care about it much for a reason.

When I watched SEL for the first time in 2014, it felt like a very confused idea of how the internet works (at first). I wonder if this sense of "they are talking about a familiar thing but in an outdated, perhaps even esoteric fashion" helps to make SEL get you out of your usual thinking and deliver its message very well. Perhaps for someone who doesn't really understand the internet, or someone from that era, is left with a wholly different impression, and the message might simply pass them by? Or maybe they get it way more easily and thus SEL seems like less of a "woah mind blown" experience to them?


> Or maybe they get it way more easily and thus SEL seems like less of a "woah mind blown" experience to them

In this case, this. I said it's not as deep as people seem to think and he just nodded. I'm even older than him (and you by a lot, I can tell by the way you write) only I never cared about the internet until late in life. I was more interested in the journey the character went on than whether it was grounded in any existing or predicted technology, but it's far from the best such story of that kind either.


For the record, I'm 24.


You say that like it's an accomplishment. I thought you were MUCH younger.


So that's what you mean by "and you by a lot". Weird English there.
I suppose I am pretty accomplished, whether you know it or not. You can't fact check that though. Good day.


How is that weird? I never said how old I was just that you sound much younger than 24. I haven't made you angry have I?


To me, that word use would signify that you are older than your buddy, and I am even more older than your buddy.
Indeed, you never said how old you are. I wonder why you think you said it.
I also have no idea why you think you made me angry. More weird things. Second language?


I told my friend to watch SEL some time ago, he told he would but he hasn't watched it yet.


File: 1489526909373.png (8.78 KB, 200x150, th.jpg)

>mfw i found out about SEL because of this place
>mfw i found out about this place because of /cyb/ on /g/
>mfw i binged SEL
>mfw i was about to drop internet because everything became soykaf
>mfw this place makes me stay


Yep, same here. Lainposters on /g/ made me aware of this place and how it's better for technical discussions in general. Lurked on Lainchan long before I watched SEL.


I'm amused to see that this continued after I left the thread. How do you justify typing "more older" and then questioning my language ability? There is nothing wrong with my English but as for yours...


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>tfw you want meet fellow lainists and only find leninists


this lainon... this lainon is funny!


Reporting in, I use lain as one of my main sources of motivation. Its an odd driving force but I love it.

Also Lainists, How are you feeling today?


We all come from different walks, you wouldn't even know if your next door neighbor was one.


i also lurked on lainchan before watching SEL just finished it. i like the more calm discusions here more than on other chan's too


>>29869 was ment for >>29794