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Snacks is back and still hosting Midnight Snacks after 12 years of chantertainment. Here comes a Midnight Snacks thread!

Show airs in 90 minutes. Prepare thine self for some chiptune, future bass, and j-pop:



IRC on Rizon at #midnightsnacks


About 10-15 weeks a year, I think of "hey I should have listened to midnight snacks", but due to timezone bullsoykaf and stuff I always forget. The 6 AM start doesn't help either, as in rare cases like today when I'm just 52 minutes away from the show, I'm sleepy and wanna skip.


No, don't skip it, SHODAN. Come. Snacks needs you to listen. He also needs some new cheese pizza videos as his old disk fried, but that's another story...


15 minutes until Midnight Snacks. H-h-here it comes!


Pretty nice.
I haven't listened in a while.


I wish it wasn't at the worst time possible for me, the dreaded early morning. Haven't listened to Midnight Snacks since about 2014, but some of my most liked artists were discovered from it. It's crazy though how persistent he is with the shows.


i feel you, i can never stay up that late to finish listening to the entire stream. snacks puts out every episode for download afterwards though, definitely enjoyable for long commutes and is split into digestible hour long sets.
have i been missing out on an essential aspect of the midnight snacks experience by not hanging out in irc? i was under the impression that the sets/voice segments are almost always prerecorded


Back in the day, when Snacks and Midnight Snacks was more well know, being on the IRC and in the weekly threads were an important part of the experience. Now, with not that many listeners and Snacks not making weekly threads on insider trade, it's not as vital.


Oh goodness Lain, thanks for reminding me. I don't have internet at home so I download like a dozen podcasts a week and take them home. I haven't listened to Snacks in a few years.


Dang seeing how much of the show is available as a download fills my heart with joy. Forgot about this for a long long time now. Going to start going back and listening to episodes. Cheers.