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Would you be able to survive in an end times scenario? Are your survival skills good enough that you'd be able to manage without a bunch of the basics you have now? I would've said yes easily a few years ago, but I feel my skills are dulling on this.

Anyone here doomsday prep? I keep a few things ready if everything went wrong, but I'd feel silly stockpiling cans of beans forever. Just having some basic stuff ready seems like enough in my mind. Are you prepared?


I can't asses if the end-time scenario is worth living in at all. Even if I could, I couldn't guarantee to survive, just increase my chances. Anyone thinking they can guarantee their own survival is just being dumb. As such, I don't see much point in even trying.


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I have plenty of amateur level "survival" training and my early adulthood lifestyle familiarized me with getting by with next to nothing while always being on the move (hobo). I'd say I'm more prepared than most people and the answer is still no. At least, I'd have a pretty low probability.

You have to define end times first. Global virus outbreak is unlikely though it makes for some good fiction. Colossal meteor strike? We'd have years to prepare. Nukes maybe but those might affect different countries differently depending on a lot of factors.

I'm with Lain here. Everyone likes apocalypse fiction because they think THEY are going to be Mad Max or Daryl Dixon. Why do you think the writers make so many minor characters do stupid things? It's for armchair survivalists to mock, and brag about what they would do instead.


what would a cyberpunk apocalypse be like


Cyberpunk itself is half of an apocalypse. So i imagine it would be like regular cyberpunk, except everything is falling apart, without the big heroes, and everything would just stay fallen apart.


I like to think I would survive, but in actuality I would probably be dead in the first week, in most typical movie-disaster scenarios.

I have no outdoor survival skills, so once civilisation collapses I am hosed, and if there's a panic and mob rush on supermarkets and other shops, I am too physically weak to ensure I acquire good resources first.


I'd be dead crazy fast.
A rivetting post, I know.


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As others have said, it's largely dependent on what exactly is the doomsday situation we'd be facing and no matter what it is, everyone has a pretty good chance at dying no matter what, otherwise it wouldn't be much of an end times scenario.

That being said, I'd like to think I'd have an above average chance for sure. I live somewhere that never gets too hot or too cold, so the elements aren't a major concern. I am a data-hoarder with a hobby in doomsday material be it prepping or just reading fictional stories. I have a decent amount of food that I could live off of if stores stopped stocking. I know how to grow my own food. I have access to many guns and trusted people who can use them. I have countless physical and digital guides on survival from water purification, gardening, and shelter-building to hunting, weapon-crafting, and so forth. Plus I'm in decent shape with no required medication or setbacks. I think I'd do great right up until the 2nd week of the apocalypse when some guy with a starving kid kills me for my stuff.


I have a fair amount of survivalist knowledge and lore, but I'd probably suffer from lack of practical experience putting any of it into practice. I need to do more camping, fishing, and offroading. Also I need better equipment instead of the crap I have. Also I would be dragging family members along who do NOT listen to advice, and they would likely get everyone killed.
Also, I'm in Australia, and the only people with guns are farmers, criminals and police, none of whom I trust.

As for a dystopian scenario, I keep a minimal online profile for the most part, and try to stay off the police's attention, but my family are terrorists on one side and communists on the other side, so my name alone probably sets off alarm bells from Interpol to UNCLE.