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Does anyone else have an account on SDF?

We could have a get together, like the pen pal thread.

I am pretty new, so I don't know much about SDF, but I think it could be fun.


I was just thinking about posting this same thing last night. Are you me, lainon?

I've been on SDF for about a decade now.


May you please explain what this is?


do you want to start a room in the chat?

Free unix shells and other stuff



Go ahead and make one in com. I don't lurk there often but I'll make it a point to join tomorrow when I'm at work.

It's a public access Unix system that once was a BBS a couple of decades ago focused on Macross. SDF is short for Super Dimension Fortress


Ok I made a room.

I am going to go to bed sometime soon, how long will it stay there after I leave?


SDF is cool. If I get some time this week, I'll hop in chat. I actually wrote a draft of an article for the Lainzine about it, but I felt like it was an ad and not all that interesting. But its a cool place; I use it for my email, personal page.. storing text files such as a todo.txt.


i'm in the lain room on com. i'll be here for maybe an hour or two.


not long, i don't think.


Why not create a BBoard thread as well? At least that way we don't have to use the abomination that is com.