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Does anyone else see the problem with the pic?


I'll give you all a hint: it starts with Richard and ends with Stallman.


>can't think of a single non-male great living mind
>celebrity scientists only
>Kim Dotcom
>Kim Dot-fuarrrrrrrrrrrrrrkin-com


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no Beakman? Brian Cox, but no Beakman?



>"non-male great living mind"


Choose one and only one.


Your personal dislike of someone doesn't discredit all the work they have done.
While it is true that as of late he hasn't done much, he previously programmed most of GNU. As much as you may dislike it, its quite possibly the only reason linux even exists to this day and is probably why Linus didn't just jump ship to BSD.


Wow, you have a picture of somewhere on the internet where there is a person who has an opinion you disagree with. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I don't know where the sites I frequent would be without people regularly making threads about the potentially disagreeable opinion that someone has posted on a different site, especially when you consider that there is near limitless content that can meet these criteria today due to the sheer number of user on the internet. You are really doing sites like this a great service with your posts.


It was a meme you dip.

Thanks, I try.



Ada Lovelace is a huge part of the reason you're on a computer right now.

There's also Curie, Chatelet, countless others...

I know you're trolling, but this is a more common misconception than it should be.

Also, OPs list is quality pop-intellectual comedy. It does hurt to read...


He's almost certainly a savant in some capacity, but a really brilliant programmer and philosophically driven man. He would be nearly the last person I'd remove from this list.