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new user here
so lurking i somehow found this


>Appleman1234 is a hard-working god amongst men who actually puts in coding effort on the site and has made sure we have a functioning streaming service as well as a secondary, self-hosted IRC server for our real-time memeing efforts.
I laughed hard. Good read.


nice meme
the "controversy" section though, tastes like soykaf


I love Lainchan and this board is my home. Welcome, fam. Ignore that soyfak wifi, Appleman is a nice dude and is putting in good effort.

As for Kalyx, well.. we could have had better, and now we do. But this board is great, just don't soykaf it up


as far as i know my wifi is not soykaf


wiki* sorry! I typoed :C


> self-hosted IRC server for our real-time memeing efforts

This part made me giggle. Lainchan doesn't seem to have too many of it's own memes. We just post pics of Lain as a default. Some meme wizards should fix this.


I think lain chan is sort of an anti-meme imageboard. While they're ok here and there, when you get to much of that, you end up with loads of memesters and quality of discussion goes way down hill.

Look at /cyber/ over on 8chan, for example. All it is is just a bunch of glitterboys talking about what's "schway", and posting their glitterboy punk guy over and over. /cyber/ blows, here we get some real discussion, it's way better. I think if you want memes, go to cyber, or go just anywhere else.


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Mongolian meme smith here, for now all my efforts at making memes that fit this place have resulted in a failure.


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We must make lainposting great again!


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Consider it considered.


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>Mongolian meme smith here, for now all my efforts at making memes that fit this place have resulted in a failure.

Have you consulted with an experienced meme designer? If your memes aren't distinctive enough to be noticed, they'll have trouble catching on.

Consider investing in a high quality memepress and don't substitute cheaper materials for the real thing.