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Thomas Frank, a prominent (500k subs) youtuber that specializes in promoting motivational videos for lazy normal people just recently added Serial Experiments Lain song "Majixx" on his "Ultimate studying" playlist.

Source: Ultimate Study Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx65qkgCWNJIs3FPaj8JZhduXSpQ_ZfvL

What do you think? Will there be a tidal wave of normal people coking here? Do you think they will even like SEL?


Nothing to think, no one's going to come here and probably 0.05% will end up actually watching even the first episode.


Congratulations OP!

This is the most retarded thread I've read this year!


I don't think they'll come here, lainchan isn't on the first page of results if you google "Serial Experiments Lain". Hopefully they'll check out the anime though, anything that makes people realize anime isn't just childish moe soykaf is a good thing.


Didnt someone tell to me that lainchan has a great community ?


I always see this type of thread where people worry about a random influx into lainchan. I get that your worried about soykaf posting and trolls but this place is super niche. It would be like trolling stack overflow. You can just delete them and then they don't bother because they aren't interested on anything here. If we do get an influx of people they usually care about /cyb or tech or something to find this place and keep them here. I think trolls could be a problem but I also believe appleman is good enough to handle that soykaf if it happened/




>What do you think? Will there be a tidal wave of normal people coking here? Do you think they will even like SEL?
no. most normal people don't watch anime and less normal people browse chans and even less browse smaller chans like this one.


>500k subs guy would go to chan with less than 100 people
Calm your autism


That is argueable.
I do think we have a good community here but this is a little silly


What does this has to do with Lainchan having a "great community"?

Your thread is bullsoykaf and I called you out on it. Lainchan is not some sort of "s3cr3T club" you are part off. You shouldn't care so much what random people on the internet are saying to you.

We still can be friends. :3


That's why you skip the anime and go strait to the imageboard. Who has time to watch stuff when you could be posting?



It always happen with small communities that fear of the other. However? This appears to be just a simple thread where someone is asking about something. People need to think this through further.

This cool stuff thats related.And I wasn't aware of before. So thanks lainanon who posted this. This would be a dumb community to farm views out of, but people are just paranoid by nature. I wasn't aware of this but I don't go all around the web these days


>anything that makes people realize anime isn't just childish moe soykaf is a good thing

Maybe I'm showing my age but if I asked anyone to name the first anime to pop into their heads I'd expect to hear Akira, Ghost in the Shell (meaning the first full length and not the franchise), Robotech or Sailor Moon.


I'm afraid that outside of anime conscious communities the answers would be 'Pokemon' and 'Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon'.


Really though, I'm not part of any community in real life that cares about anime. I know more about it than pretty much any of my friends and even I hate 95% of it... I think it is the age thing after all.


"Moe" anime is made for adults, normal user retard.


I'm actually glad that not everyone here is a generic chan-tard, that there are people who don't know this garbage.