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Isn't it possible now to create an AI botnet? Instead of using a supercomputer or server farm to train an AI, you could get it to self-train while fuzzing and infecting everyone's computers and IOT devices. Every successful infection would reinforce its training, and you could also give it reinforcement for attacking the CIA/Facebook/Google/whatever. It could share its datasets p2p with other infected devices.

Given how much free computing power there is all over the world, it could actually learn faster than any centralized AI, and potentially be the first AI to gain consciousness if you design it right.


Laptop users would be the first to realize that there is something wrong due to their machines overheating. And I think they are the majority of possible targets.
Also, unlimited internet is not growing as it should due to companies pushing "mobile broadband" and usage caps on their clients data plans.


>due to their machines overheating.
Not all process(es) need to be set to highest priority with all cores enabled; crypto botnets mastered this.
Mouse movements, keyboard strokes can be logged alongside hot mic'ing, taking snaps with webcam plus screenshots, with timestamps.
These can then be compared against and the average is gotten for when niceness and threads should be increased slightly.