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Alright lainies lets post some sick album covers that are also sick albums but not too mainstream


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Best DJ needs to be in thread.


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>>29818 That's gold desu, what kind of songs are on there


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on of my all time favourite albums. i own the vinyl version and play it at least once a week. it's pretty much one of the greatest electronica albums ever recorded.

yes, i'm a fanboy.


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A favorite of mine. I really like Lemuiran because it was so BoC inspired, but every release is really solid. Oh yeah, and emerald fantasy tracks is awesome. I think he said recently that he was going to release some new stuff soon that would sound more like that.

Ok Mr. Bloggs, (nice color palette by the way), could you help me get into Squarepusher? I always see Aphex, Autechre, BoC as the 'Big 3' of warp, but sp is often grouped in there as #4 so I want to like it. I do really like Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid from Warp 100, but other than that a lot of what I have heard is a bit too fast paced and 'cheesy' (wrong word) for me, but I'm open to suggestions. Ill take a look at the ones you posted.

Looks good I'll check it out.


First things first, I'm not much into Autechre (didn't listen much), am okay with BoC, and definitely into AFX.
I see a few differences between the gentlem3n and the gentlem4n, maybe detailing these will help understand how to listen.

a) their very overall style / aesthetic
The gentlem3n you mentioned, while differing amongst themselves, seem to generally stick around the 'electronic' aesthetic and share a love for sine wave wizardry.
In contrast, Squarepusher is as much or even more jazz than electronic. He started out as a bass guitar player, and a good portion of his works is literally drums and a bass (but so much more jazzy than the genre bearing that name).

b) is_it_digital()
The gentlem3n are fond of analog tools, as those are essential for sine wave wizardry.
The gentlem4n seems indifferent towards analog tools, partly because he does less sine wave wizardry, which brings me to

c) the focus (this is the main point)
The gentlem3n from what I know are mostly focused on the sound. They try lots of little things, fiddle and tinker around to get the perfect sound, exactly how they want it. At light speed, too! Like an architect, they construct mathematically beautiful rhythm, melody, or the lack of those. To that end, they use whatever tool fits best, and perhaps even modify/hack the tools.
Squarepusher is all about the method. Mostly in line with the jazz influence, he probably has no plan or idea how the music will sound like. He probably doesn't even care, either improvising or writing something "blind" first. What matters for him is how it is made - he's fascinated with abusing musical instruments and all the production tools. He's been writing his own music production software too. Very experimental; if there's a proper way to do something with an instrument; if there's an existing genre; if he did that in his previous albums; he avoids it. You could say that he's less interested in making music than in making methods.

If you're not into jazz, I'm not sure if there's any good point of entry. In case you try, I would recommend following some sort of chronology, so you can perceive how things change. Now that I think of it, I clearly remember struggling with Squarepusher myself. When I first encountered his stuff, it pretty much sounded horrible, all of it. The only track I liked was "Tundra". But that track was so fuarrrking damn good, I could listen to it for hours. (I never once managed to sit through the whole track without my mind wandering off; it's magic.) YouTube eventually helped me a bit (Ernest Borgnine, Beep Street, and Feed Me Weird Things), and as I got used to the sound, he started to make sense.
You could also try sitting down on a chill afternoon, relaxed but not sleepy, and just listen to the entire Ultravisitor album with good equipment. If that doesn't hit home, he's probably not for you.


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idk thats what your name was google it

But seriously, I really enjoyed your interpretation. Not sure about Autechre, but AFX and to a lesser extent BoC also experiment with the method in some interesting ways. For example, BoC allegedly deconstructed a VCR so they could record samples onto VHS and then reverse and slow the tape by hand to make some of the sounds on Tomorrows Harvest. Anyway, I'll give your suggestions a go. Regarding AFX, I prefer the less experimental stuff such as Fenix Funk 5 or the beautiful SeeFeel remix which has been my most played song of the last month or so.

On another note, I have recently managed to get into Odd Nosdam, by listening to 'Off Tapes (1998-1999)' which is short and sweet, reminds me of BoC's Old Tunes saga. Also TIL he was part of cLOUDDEAD, which explains a lot.


Liked it. Because of it listened to some Haus Arafna album but found it 2spooky4me


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Here are some that I like.

Hauschka - Room To Expand:
If you aren't familiar with prepared piano, here is a good starting place. His work is described as avant garde, but I find it very pleasant. Certainly on the easy listening side of experimental, but I highly recommend.

Cal Tjadar - Latin Kick.
Absolutely killer elevator music. Could listen all day. And I love that cover.

Yeah, the cover is edgy but I love it. Certainly works well with their music.

Aright my next batch of three should be more "lain-esque"..


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Ebi - zen.
"My definition of techno-house is a shrimp".

Gas - Gas0095.
I just discovered recently, but I like. Sometimes ambient, sometimes with a beat. Does not fear cheesy space sounds and for the record neither do I.

Fumiya Tanaka - Mix Up 4.
The whole Mix Up series is great, each from a different DJ. You get the Detroit techno classics of Jeff Mills and Derrick May, but also three cool Japanese guys: Tanaka, Ishino (involved with GiTS PS1), and Ishii (involved wuth Rez). All of the covers are this great.


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I really enjoy this album and the cover. It has a cool style to it.


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>sick album covers

Nigel Pepper Cock - Fresh White Reeboks Kickin Your Ass

I do not want to post it.


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That third one is terrible