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Hey there lanions, first of all im new, i dont even know if im writing where you post stuff or not but anyways i had a little question for all you smart people. I live in Argentina (south america, in case you're not too keen on geography) and i really wanna move away when i finish my studies (im still in high school). The thing is: where could i move? I want to go somewhere safe and in a good economic state, like the u.s. but i also dont want to have the fbi, nsa and all that (soykaf? Thats what you use it?) breathing down my neck and violating my privacy (not like thats not going on in my country already). Sooo, yeah i hope i expressed myself right and maybe i'll stick around. Btw the picture is unrelated, i dont have many pictures in my phone.


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Pratically every country co-operates with the ABC.
Switzerland is the best country that respects privacy and is on a economic record though, but don't let this fool you, the nooks and crannies lurking are still there.


i agree, but switzerland is borderline racist against migrants, they even look down on high qualified migrants from like germany or austria. it's also VERY expensive. so if you don't plan to work at CERN or have hughe money in your pocket, you rather settle for another western-central european state. keep a low profile and you'll be fine, avoid just the usual datamining services to dodge the ABC.


I was thinking maybe the u.s. because i like it, have went there many times, theres not much cultural difference and practically no racism (compared to some european countries). If i do go there, what should i avoid? Sorry for derailing the question, its just that moving away is a pretty important step in my life and well, amat victoria curam.


You'll get shot in the US for not being from the US. That if Trump's new laws even let you get it.
No joke, i recommend you Chile. We're pretty friendly. If you come tell me to gift you some cookies.


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>You'll get shot in the US for not being from the US. That if Trump's new laws even let you get it.


Non-Swiss citizen born and raised in Switzerland here. Completely agree. Germans (for example) are sometimes looked down upon like aliens here, even though our cultures are 95% the same. I still wouldn't call Swiss people racist though. After all, every 4th person here is a foreigner and the countrys economy is still doing well.

Switzerland has had a rough year concerning privacy. First the NDG passed and now our state-owned ISP is selling customer data to third parties.


Immigrants who don't try to learn the language are looked down upon. I don't see any born and raised Germans speaking Swiss-German treated any differently than a Swiss. Can't speak for the French- or Italian-speaking parts, obviously.


Obviously a Swiss-German speaking German would be hard to tell apart from a regular Swiss. But I wasn't talking about that. It's more that Swiss people dislike (some even hate) speaking "High-German". It's considered way too formal. That's why it's sometimes hard for them (or just downright annoying) to talk to Germans.
But yes, learning the language is one of the most important part in immigrating into a new society.


it's just "same language different nationality"-bantz.
Belgians constantly look down on French, and French do the same. Lots of Flemish "dislike" Dutch, and the opposite is true.
And it's often the same reason: "they talk like retards".


It's different than just speaking another accent. Swiss-German is closer to being a different language, like Dutch.


"racist" was probably not the perfect word, i agree.
i have a friend who lived in switzerland for about 5 years (he's german, i'm austrian) and struggled to "fit in" because he was german. even in the german speaking part of the country. it's one thing to refuse to learn the language or not speaking the same dialect. if you're swiss or german, you will doing fine in austria, aside from the regular (mostly friendly) bantz - same goes for germany. but switzerland, better buckle up ...



If you use the internet, your privacy will be violated no matter where you live or what you do. Your geographical location is meaningless in this regard.

There are precautions you can take of course, but think about it, every prominent Tor user has been taken down at some point. If you are on a government agencies radar, you will be taken down too.

Also, you might to to young too realize this, but you can't just move anywhere you want. As an Argentinian, to even get a green card in the US you need to be a high skill worker and spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Finally, basing major life decisions around being theoretically spied on would be a very poor choice. As you get older, you're going to more weight on things like where can you get a decent job, buy a house, and have a family. Your focus on these philosophical matters only exist because you are living in a kind of vacuum, being supported by your parents and not having a career. When you get into the real world, you'll care about these things a lot less.


Not everyone want a house full with kids.
If you have any needed skills you can go anywhere basically, but you will have to put some work into it however you won't get a free pass.


I know it isnt as important as other matters but i still would like to have some privacy. Guess its a luxury these days... Anyway its not like my country is any safer (information-wise). Btw got mugged yesterday, i swear im fuarrrking sick of this soykaf. I am determined to leave this russian roulette and move to the U.S, thanks for all your answers!



Argentina has less violent crime than the US.



This is really stupid advice to give to a highschooler. Don't base life decisions on wanting to move to a specific country because of "privacy". You know you have to be sponsored to come to the US right?


depends on the city, and how much money you make.


Are you porteƱo? Move to a safer city and you'll be fine. You seem to think that all parts of your country are just like your city, and don't really know much about the US with that American dream mentality. You should widen your horizons and meet actual people from around the globe, the sources for your world view are flawed. No hate, you're young. Just don't rush.


I'm not talking about moving because of privacy, i'm talking about moving anywhere because it might interest you.
But you aren't going to get it for free because you will have to but alot of work into it.
You shouldn't let your life depend on having kids or a family because there is time enough to do that when you are 30-40+.


I don't think he meant that everyone wants to have children, but that, as you get older, your priorities change. And I agree.
Most of the things I cared about when I was young don't matter to me now. It's not that I think I was foolish (although I might have been a little). But I've come to value stuff that I wasn't aware of.
I think it's part of maturing and, with differences, we all go through it.


Judging by your criteria...Japan, Sweden, Norway and Canada.

If you like the US, then especially Canada.


Dont know where you got that infornation but the 5 times i've been to the U.S. (specifically NY, miami and california) i was not only not mugged or even pushed around. Actually the reason im pretty much obsessed with going to the U.S. is because i felt safe, cops where helpful and available, much to my surprise (the media portrays them as useless and corrupt). Maybe thats just my outsider view but feeling safe is something worth working my ass off.
Im not gonna pretend i know much about the subject but a lot of friends of mine have got green cards without much difficulty. Of course im not gonna take that for granted, though, i may be young but im not stupid (well, at least not that stupid). I will do some research when i have more free time.
Yup, born and raised in Buenos Aires. I considered moving elsewhere in the country but i just love living in a big city. The problem is, i dont wanna live in one in which we live in fear of getting shot or stabbed while going home. If i fail or must wait for whatever reason, im moving to Uruguay (my dad's from Montevideo so i was able to get a citizenship)
My best friend's from chile! I probably wont go to live to Chile but i've been wanting to go visit for ages


Don't listen to this guy. I live in Canada and its just as bad as the US.
Not only do we have our own alphabet agencies we also love to bend over and take it from daddy America. For example our government doesn't see an issue with sending Canadian citizens living in Canada to the US if the FBI requests it.


He already said he likes the US.

Also, is it true that feminists are trying to ban sex dolls on Canada?