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I want to see a bunch of lain hardware. Present or past. I have a collection of my own I'll be posting.


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Some more recent pictures. A laptop with a broken screen that was replaced with a rope handle. A raspi battery powered with a USB power mod to an RF adapter from an old console connected to a little battery powered TV. and lastly, the side of my typewriter, that little TV still connected to the pi, one of my wireless routers, an ATX PSU supplying 5v to some USB ports, and a can of teal spraypaint. (Is this body long enough, you gosh darn filter?)


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Last pictures for now. Falling asleep. My current laptop taken a while ago. I have more price tag stickers now. A lot. Last few are my old "server".


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Alright, I have a pic for you. It is a Soviet pocket PDP11 clone from the mid/late 1980's with DEC Basic in ROM. The whole thing is a superior product of reverse engineering.


This makes me funny in my undies.


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Old dell poweredge.

I just picked it up, but I am continually amazed at how large it is.
This one is a tower version, but the rack mount is 5U, and it weighs a metric fuarrrkload.