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I think I understand a message.

For the ancient humans, like me...living is not really IDDQD. I am sometimes really harmed, and though I never really die. Never once has all of my brain decayed or changed into something which is not brain. I've had a broken radius for months now. So I am experiencing new proof that I, "take damage".

NPC's? Oh my god...that makes me think about what happened to me while I was bike riding home from work today. I saw all these high schoolers walking on the sidewalks. I knew there was technology to cause muscle flexing while the technologies causing muscle flexing are distant of miles. I know humans are really dying. I thought...while I was bike riding past the high schoolers...OH MY GOD I WANT TO FORCE SO ALL OF THEM LIVE. I felt like I wasn't guaranteeing that I will continue to get something like IDDQD except if I prove that if I am possessing the technologies to IDDQD, or like-IDDQD, that I am not a threat to others trying to live eternal life. I think I must force so all humans live just to prove that I am not a threat. If I force so all humans live then I am forcing so I live, and I am not efforting so that others with the gadgets to IDDQD or like-IDDQD are able to predict some of what I am doing while not really trying to use that predictability to harm me.

Also thanks for the DOOM reference. I loved being in the new DOOM commercial. I was in the, "praetor" suit. I loved singing the song for the new commercial. The screaming voice of the television commercials was me! :D

I will tell you a secret. A military man of United States ripped out one of my eyes while I was getting the, "praetor" suit to do the commercial. I did some of the commercial with one eye missing. Workers of the DOOM game made some art which shows that there was something over one of the eyes at the lens of the helmet...or that there was something behind the lens of the helmet. Someone or something regrowthed my eye though. I now have both eyes...but there were people who saw me with only one eye...and they get to experience some of the realism of what gadgets some people have to live eternal life since I've been posting my pictures on my blog and on anonymous websites.

A bigger secret is I was brought to a room with a darkened glass so humans could see into the room. Military guys/gals of United States were in the room with me...and I was fighting multiple people...breaking bones of the military guys/gals...they were breaking my bones...it was terrible...and though they got to see that when they broke my bones and snapped my neck...might have been severing my neck...that I am living now. I was living in that room, and some of the military guys/gals were completely shocked and awed. AHH...life of an ancient.




this is too random for my tastes

This is for you


This looks like a large markov chain, or some type of bot.

Although, it's random, so i guess it's ok.