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Following the disappointment of Ghost in the Shell (2017), would any lains in New York be interested in seeing Ghost in the Shell (1995)? If there is enough interest, we could have a LAINYC meetup afterwards. I hope to see you there!

Friday, April 7, 2017 11:55pm

7 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002



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BTW there is this thread for events:

I haven't posted anything in it, but it would be nice to see a central hub for this kind of thing.


>Ghost in the Shell 2017

You are subjectively wrong my friend, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the original movie as well.


The only reason why GITS is a disappointment is because of all the whiny SJW's who called it Whitewashing, even when we've been blindly accepting whitewashing for years.



>dealing with it for years
im no sjw, but i think people (especially ones from the race group being whitewashed) would have been angry. its just that the internet didnt really have Tumblr sooo


I can't think of a single movie out right now that I'd actually want to see. That I would be required to pay for it is simply further deterrent.
It's not a valid complaint in this film. Whenever someone mentions a nonwhite character being played by a white actor, I can only think of the seemingly far more numerous instances of a white character being played by a nonwhite actor.

Anyways, I wonder if Hollywood's decided to start converting more anime. That would be a funny way to watch them lose money and make many people angry. I've heard they have fourteen more Transformers films written by now.