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so it seems like with this trump investigation heating up and it seeming more and more likely he will get impeached Trump might use war to stay in power indefinitely. What do you do when putin and trump decide to start ww3 to scare everyone into becoming obedient to them? The media is already losing more and more trust with #FAKENEWS the usa seems pretty damn divided.

is our best chance for us to coordinate meshnets and ham radios to connect the people with farmers and pay eachother with cryptocurrencies for food so we can continue to survive while the people in power clamp down with iron fists?

its the end of the world as we know it. do you feel fine?


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Come on, there are many ways you can look at this, and yeah, many reasons to hate the guy, but pretending that Putin wants WW3 is just unfair and dettached from reality.

He's put up and eaten a lot of soykaf that no other nation with as much war-power as Russia ever did in history, from both the US and the UN, in order to avoid this.

Not saying he or the Russian people are pacifists in any way, but all the wars and conflicts Russia engaged since the fall of the USSR were territorial, immediate issues.

WW3 is an entirely different matter, enrapped in so much chaos and confusion that it could not benefit anyone. And this much Putin knows.