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Post any PDFs you mights have from /zzz/ here. I have a large one with many many PDFs



this is a really wonderful resource, thanks for sharing

i have few on this computer that are /zzz/ like, but here's a few that are fitting. i'll upload what else i have when i log into that computer.

addendum: uploads are temporarily broken
list of relevant seeming files on this machine:

Navigating Within Consciousness
Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (a personal favorite)
Society of the Spectacle
Imbiciles Guide To SOTS
Crowley (a work of his or his followers, not sure which)
Radical Mycology
Operation Manual: Spaceship Earth

I have tons of others on this machine, but they're all /lam/ or /cyb/ material

will be back later with other machine's storehouse of /zzz/-like stuff


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This stuff looks cool man thanks. I forgot about /zzz/ because it was slow, and now it is gone. I'm sad man.

Used to have a torrent containing a bunch of old spell books and grimoires, but lost them all when my hard drive died. Was on TPB like... 4-6 years ago.


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Navigating Within Consciousness
Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

Care to upload these anon?

Also the radical mycology you mention, is it the new 672 page book or the short flyer that can be found on torrent etc?


will upload those two when i can upload; currently troubleshooting inability to upload pdfs.

to answer >>122, the latter. it's a 22 page .pdf, with a 2-page side-by-side format, for 44 total in-document pages.


ok anon, thanks. I have the 22 page pdf, but the book isn't being sold internationally and I don't want to pay a fortune getting it shipped to Europe from US.


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This is a precarious log i copied from a very very old thread. Cant remember thread topic or context.
1 father scolding me saying they gonns fire me from my job after this weekend
2 mother comes with my friends and smokes weed with us. She tries to engage in conversation with them
3 i wake up at 8am, desperate because im late for work
4 dayparty at home. But as mother breaks in, we have to turn it down
5 i skullfuck many girls in a row, some of them highschool mates. One of them pukes but we all laugh
6 i show a song to a friend but the song ends up being different to what i wanted to show
7 someone leaves a sign in my front door, stating a fine i must pay for having smoked indoors a week earlier
8 sister gives me a spoonful of hot sauce. Later i call someone to arrange a meeting regarding a soon to be leased apartment.
9 i engage in a threesome with my exgf and her friend of college. My ex is insecure about doing this, but the other girl is really eager to start.
10 a french old man in paris sells me a goat. I pay just a portion of the full price, and the guy preaches a solemn threat. The next day all my stuff is gone, and i find a huge stack of bills in the street, like 50k. Suddenly it starts raining money and everyone is a millionaire. The economy is destroyed, generalized chaos. I must travel to thailand now with my friend, but he lost his luggage and ticket because both his bank and airline bankrupted. I walk through a supermarket before boarding.


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Same poster here. I wonder what was going on with this guy and his job.


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