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Neat interview, didn't post on lambda because it's not programming related per se.



Starts at 11:30, and the body is far too short.


Well, while stallman is usually insufferable and seems to demand some kind of royal respect out of interviewers, this interview went pretty well.
The interviewer licked his balls like a dog but that allowed the interview to work better, i guess. Stallman's philosophy is excellent, it's a shame that he's just so bad at conveying that most of the time.


Stallman's philosophy is bad because Stallman doesn't care about free/open hardware. He only very recently began to pretend to care.


Well, you can't always be superman. It's not as if he had tremendous success with free software in the first place. One person/organization can't change everything by themselves.


You can tell lunduke is very deliberately holding back and just letting stallman speak whenever he wants to.
He previously had an interview with him that became an absolute disaster for a lot of reasons...
Namely stallman being stallman combined with lunduke clashing philisophically with him.