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I've used rsync locally for backups forever, but lately i've been thinking its a good idea to put a copy on a remote server.

Would like for it to be in an encrypted container and only do partials to save bandwidth but cant think of a way to do this. Is there a solution?

How do you lains do your backups?


If you're happy keeping backups locally and remotely, you can simply encrypt and upload the deltas.


Check out duplicity: http://duplicity.nongnu.org/


This dipsoykaf, It would of taken 2 seconds to google encrypted RSYNC.

I have been using it for 4 year, originally dumping soykaf onto a remote Raspberry PI, now onto the Amazon cloud using Duplicity.

Pirates dump their entire libraries onto Anazon using it, get it.


Backing up with it to backblaze b2 is a good option. One of the most reasonably priced I've found.


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rclone (https://rclone.org/). It's basically rsync, but the remote end can be encrypted (including folder and file names) before uploading. It supports a ton of remote storage providers natively. If you don't need versioned backups, it's great.


Take a look at borg backup.