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I'll recreate my thread from the old /cult/.

This is a thread to collect and discuss Free Software games. Preferably, the games should also have free assets and so be entirely freely available.

It was an issue with the old thread for people to list off many games with barely a sentence accompanying them, if that. With this thread, prefer to spend an entire post detailing a single game and why you find it fun and whatnot; assume the reader is entirely unfamiliar with it; include screenshots.

This is also not a thread for organizing events for games, as that interferes with the primary purpose of introducing new and interesting games to people.

In particular, here are some qualities you may find value in describing:
Is the game easy to install? Is it easy to configure?
Is the game finished? If not, how much is playable currently?
What input types are available?
What genre is the game?
Is the game easy to modify? Would you want to?

It would be better to discuss a small number of games very well than merely create a dumping ground for lists. Try to focus on games you don't believe others would be particularly familiar with already. The games mentioned in these opening images are examples of Free Software games; feel free to discuss them in detail below.


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I'll start with the same game I used last time, Hexoshi. It's made significant progress since the last time.

It's a game in the same vein as the Metroid series, but I believe it refines the formula to a simpler core. As an example, it's taken for granted in Metroid games that aliens will leave energy and ammunition in the wake of their death, but Hexoshi has this as an optional upgrade to the player that can then be skipped for increased difficulty if desired. The ability to curl into a ball is present, but rather than leave bombs, it shoots spikes out for a moment as its defensive measure, which I find much more appealing in many ways.

As of now, the first area to the game, now named Iridia, is finished. The game prevents players from progressing to unfinished rooms by pushing back when entry is attempted or, in the case of the first area, merely not providing the player with the item needed to access the newer areas. Some changes have invalidated older save files now, but this isn't so bad when considering the length of the game so far. These changes did improve physics and performance and whatnot.

The game works very well with a separate controller and has a menu for configuring this, meaning it's no pain at all. The game itself is particularly easy to install, as it's simply a Python script, supporting 2 and 3. I've no experience with Python, but also had no issue setting things up. It's important to note that systems with different newline conventions will have issues with the script as provided, but this is also simple to fix if it becomes an issue.

With all of this written, Hexoshi is a very good game and I only look forward to its future developments. It's ongoing and the fun in contributing to a game such as this is also quite rewarding in itself.


I'd forgotten to mention the URL for this game.

Here's the website: http://hexoshi.nongnu.org/

Here's the Savannah page where the project source code is hosted: https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/hexoshi/


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