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Do any lainons write do not worry, I know some of you do? How about some tips or just some intro on how to get started, as I am interested in writing myself. I am sure I could just jump off immediately and write what is on my mind, but it might not be great or worth my time. Anyway, I need to get started somewhere so I propose this: writing about someone you saw today, like giving then some random backstory and an interesting future.


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Write every day. It's about quantity, not quality. Keep a journal and write. Write about everything. Get a couple stories out and keep writing. At somepoint there will be an idea for a novel. You wont finish that one, you'll get half way then start day-drinking.

Thats as far as I've gotten so I can't help past that point.

Try to listen to as many stories as possible. My best work is not stories I've invented but stories I've been told, or were a part of. People can smell fiction from miles away. Stay true to yourself.

Pic related.


You'll want to find an "editor", someone to tell you whats soykaf and whats not. They CANNOT be another writer. Writers don't get along if they talk about writing.


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Sup Dopie OP.
The advice given here contains a good suggestion.
It is good to write quantity not quality.

How about we do a >post anything you've written (if you consider it "writing") itt?


I'll post something I write itt tomorrow. I just need to write it.
(I'll go for fiction, I tend to get technical on non-fiction)


Moved to >>>/lit/69.