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Hey everyone! Your casual idiot here. Could anyone explain to me how to use irc and get in the lainchan chanel on my phone please? My computer broke a while ago so i just use my phone. Any app i can download to use irc? Sorry for the dumb questions, im just that stupid.



Stop being a phoneposter.


I guess find a phone irc client then dial in the address.


An option would be to download Termux and install the weechat package that comes with it. Here's the repo: https://github.com/termux


I meant if there was an app or sth i could use so i can get notifications and also because its just more practical.

No computer, no choice.

Tried with one called Andchat (its on google play store) but i cant seem to make it work. I'll try again tomorrow.

It's an option sure but isnt there something a bit easier? I know i sound like a lazy idiot but i really struggle with technology. I'll ask a friend who knows more about this than i do just in case.


You can probably just look for "irc" in your <x>store. Very likely you will find an app for it.


Hey Opie..

This guy may be rude but he has a point.
App culture is trash.
Even if you have a phone you can find ways of having a sane environment.

Lainchan was founded (although implicitly) on the hacker culture of old days.
It is encouraged that you do your research before asking questions. That you work your ass off before coming here.
That is just the way these cultures are, and that is why they have such richness.

To answer your question:
Try to seek a way of getting a terminal on your phone.
If you have a linux terminal then your world is open.
That is what I would do.

Good travels perro_vagabundo.


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Use your phone to help you diagnose the problems with your computer, then to order the replacement parts. After that you will have a working computer to use IRC. If you really want to continue being a filthy phoneposter, then you can take your time to use a search engine and do the research yourself. If you can't do the basic research for a subject like this yourself, then you don't belong on this website. I don't even own a smartphone and it only took me about two minutes to narrow it down to 4 suitable IRC clients.

>google play store


Use irccloud and join through #lainchan



Try Yaaic, Yet Another Android IRC Client.

Good design and additional point for the "yet another" tropes. It was my choice back to the days when I was still using a cellphone.


You're right. I'll do my research.

Trust me, if i could i would get a new pc but i barely get by with my current income so its not really a priority. You're right about the other part though, t was lazy. I'll do my research

>>761 >>763
Thanks! I'll take them into consideration.


try installing termux and using irssi, might be a bit hard to use on a phone tho.

my recommendation for an android irc client is atomic, it's the best free/open source software irc client for android. it's an upgraded version of yaaic.


Title? Host? Password? Hand job?


once you set it up once in weechat you can just copy your config file and put it in every computer ever forever.