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Who wants to have a /sadgirls/ thread?

Lighters optional but encouraged.


tell me more about it...


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no lighter but she always spams blogposts on IRC about depression and it derails all discussion


Which one? You just described half the channel.


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Post pictures of girls that look sad but also look aesthetic. Usually involving cigarettes or cigarette brands (pic related). Generally speaking the girls look "dead inside"


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this one is sad enough?


She doesn't look dead inside to me! But she's cute so it's cool


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It was a joke... you didn't got it (the blue whale thing)

So the game is basically type "emo girl cigarette" on search engine and post it? Boring.
Now, if you want to discuss philosophy about why the new and next generations is like that, a tabula rasa, then that's interesting. Like, after the war most of the kid lost his father and was was educated by mothers (the baby boomers). This generated the generation of the counter culture (60s), the liberals (based on the philosophy of Frankfurt school). This generation, then, emerged other one that had less attention from family. This generation (gen X) got more connection from internet to then bring the millennials: without family structure and without attention, they use social network to call for attention desperately, as a confirmation to their existence. A scream to say "I'm here, I exist".
Then you have all those fuarrrkers we look today.
Of course, I'm being reductionist and using anthropology theory only (or cliometrics?) and not other points of view (maybe more important) such as the cognitive science and neurochemistry pov, or the behaviorist/evolutionary pov.
just writing bullsoykaf here, because I have nothing more to do, and it's fun because actually some people read this kind of soykaf... look, you're still read, even though I have nothing to say anymore!
it's to simple to diffuse the community with filler threads. next time try to create something useful, please.


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I lol'd out loud because of this


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You pretend to be joking Smith, but jokes often are used to hide your feelings in plain sight.
So if you want to keep writing on anthropology or something, I will read you with great pleasure.

A question if you need the push : what would you expect to be the characteristics of the next generation, given what you already said ?
Rebelling against their digital native but ignorant parents and learning how to actually use the technology and hack away ?
Rejecting it completely and getting offline ?
Spiralling further down in idiocracy ?


i need me a goth bitch with some thick ass legs tbqh


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lusty plox


osh Holy fuarrrk, are you reading my mind Mr. Turner?
>jokes often are used to hide your feelings in plain sight
true. I'm just too bored, so I start writing those things.
>what would you expect to be the characteristics of the next generation

I think you last alternative is more probable, spiralling further down in idiocracy.
I actually never thought about it myself deeply and now you're making be do it, thanks.
What I think is what Nietzsche call the "Dionysus" of the culture. This philosopher separates between Apollo and Dionysus. The first one representing the order and the structured beauty. That what we see on classical art, such as the great paintings from Rembrandt and the compositions of Chopin. It's greatly symmetric and detailed. The other one, Dionysus, would be the opposite: the destruction of this order.
So, taking this analogy in account, what we have experinced these lasts centuries was the decline of Apollo and the rise of Dionysus.
For example, the art. On literature we have the golden age of Romance with Shelley. Then it declined to the "Mal du siecle", a period much more melancholic, such as Edgar Alan Poe. Then people perceived love and romance was somewhat uninteresting and switched to realism.
Same with painting: from symmetry of da Vinci, to movements like dadaism and the anti-art (or anti-anti-art?).
Same with music: from the beauty of Moonlight Sonata to noise music and experimental like Russolo and John Cage.
And with dance: from classical ballet to experimental contemporary dance.
Even on language: from the idea of Confucianism of elegance in language to nigga-like speech.

There's many explanations proposed to that. And those explanations vary together with the philosophical movements at the time. For example, Freud and psychoanalysis following him called it the Tanatus (or "death drive"). It's the pursuit to end the life.
Some would take a more biological deterministic, saying that all the stimuli generated by industrialization made those changes, hence the increase on depression and other factors (see Flynn effect).
Some would take the social constructionist approach, saying that the increase in communication made the relationship even harder (see the hedgehog dilemma). Others (after Darwin) would take an Evolutionary approach, and say that we evolved through millennial living with a band, no in a city full of people, then we had no time to adapt ourselves on this new ecology. Or, the followers of Skinner would say that it's a behaviorist thing (this one is good): the industrialization was a positive punishment and suppressed the behavior seem in ancient times (Apollo analogy)
Sociologists like Durkheim would say it's the Social fact: individuals do much pressure above others, so this pressure has to go out somewhere, hence the change on art/culture.
The cognitivism and neurochemistry would say the entertaining market desensitize the dopamine receptors, so we have to keep doing it for more.

The last one is called semantic distension. Baudrillard said that our society is so full of ads that what we live is no more the reality but a simulated part of these realities. He called it "simulacrum".

So, what does it have to do with your original question?



Not him, but I foresee a return to a more traditional mindset. The negative effects of this interconnected secular humanist lifestyle are becoming more apparent to everyone with every day that passes, and it doesn't take much to see the internet for what it really is--a dangerous and life-sucking force (if you let it be, which many people do). Studies point toward the new generation being the most conservative yet, and I think this will manifest in more than politics. We're seeing a return to monotheistic religion (albiet self-conscious), and it wouldn't surprise me if the new generation rejected the vapidity of social media and used the internet for its original "purpose:" to collect and share knowledge.

Armchair anthropologist over and out.




The point is that we (general society) have lose some points that some centuries ago established an ancoring point. This is seem clearly on philosophy.
We have on greek time some ideas about what constructs what we call reality. Plato would say (maybe) that it's the Anima Mundi, a form of energy. Aristotle would be more pragmatic and say it's a infinite regress toward the answers. Then we have the Skepticism movement, saying that truth does not exist.
Then it goes darker: can we trust our senses? We perceive the world through our senses, so can we trust reality itself? It's a debate called "direct vs indirect realism". So some philosopher just got the indirect realism point of view (there's no real reality, just perceived one). That's the case of Berkeley with the philosophy of "esse est percepi" (be is to be perceived). Then we reached a point where people started being skeptic about everything. That's when nihilism comes. That's when postmodenism born.

So, what we lose those centuries was a simple but very powerful to the human conscientiousness/cognition: the sense of identity.
The teenagers of millennials born with internet have lost the sense of one, the sense of being unique, because there's so much communication that you feel like an ant between giants.
So then, what comes? The need to stabilize an identity. So what is the simplest way to do it? To go on internet and start to appear on videos, on audio, on something that makes you pop out of this bubble. This created a culture of idiocracy.

That's how I see it. The biggest probability to me is that our culture will follow and involution, the reverse of evolution: intelligence is not needed anymore. Many logicians working very hard gain less than 1/100 of what a soccer player makes of money. So why bother at all? Let's just follow the bandwagon, right?


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>it wouldn't surprise me if the new generation rejected the vapidity of social media and used the internet for its original "purpose"
I really doubt this is every going to happen.
Basically every millennial I know uses Internet for the sole purpose of using social media. Nothing else. The few who don't, are the ones who tend to have a more asocial behavior


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I would agree that this segment is more of a wish than grounded in reality. On the other hand I think that younger people appreciate more physical things. See the rise in Vinyl.

What I'm interested is wether the youth of today is actually competent in tech or not. There is this believe that every 'digital native' is really tech savvy but I'm way too detached from these people that I would know. I somehow doubt it though.


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Mentions of the last generation being very conservative and of the return of religions remind me of this scene in of the BD of Bilal (pic related, same author, do check it out it's really great).
Kind of cyber and definitely punk, futuristic world, flying cars and all.
For some reason, our protagonist is in a hospital, talking to a surgeon, which happen to be a woman wearing a burqua.
When questioning the suitability of such garment during an operation, he is taken away by the police, and asked about why he is not religious himself, and you now this is not strictly illegal but still very suspect ?

Well I can see something like this coming.
Being religious becoming expected again.
(I guess it is still the case in the US, definitely not in western Europe unless you happen to be too tanned.)
Questioning religion being seen as blasphemy and socially forbidden, if not legally.
We're really borderline right now, people have died defending this right against (some subset of) muslims.
And the only politic party who appear concerned by this are those who wish to make sure that christianity will be the dominant religion rather than islam.

Remember Charlie Hebdo, that might be our future, and it brings tears to my eyes to think about it.


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>The biggest probability to me is that our culture will follow and involution, the reverse of evolution
This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution. Organisms adapt to best compete in their environment so if you want to take this biological determinist train of thought to its logical conclusion the most valuable traits are those possessed by the greatest soccer players because they make money hand over fist. Polite sage because off topic as fuarrrk.


Allow me to explain my reasoning. In the internet age, it has become more important than ever to weed out useful information from what we're actually looking for. Even just knowing how to type an effective search query is part of this, and something that the previous generations don't understand. We're becoming, whether we realize it or not, more discriminating toward the data that we receive. Add this to a generation fuarrrked over from birth by constant exposure to the internet, in all its instantly gratifying terror--I don't think it would be unreasonable to expect to see a generation of disenchanted and regretful youth, angry with their parents for having allowed them to "throw away" their attention spans.

This ties into the whole millennial Start A Small Business ethos. Work is no longer something you do to make money--it is almost a requirement (in the eyes of this generation, and especially the next, who have been raised by millennials) that it be a self-motivated and independent venture. So we have a generation of kids with lofty ambitions lacking the attention and vigilance required to actually do something for themselves. What then?

What >>887 mentioned about physicality is relevant too. Prior to the domination of digital space, the internet was a new and cool development. It was mysterious and cutting-edge and a small part of the world; of course, then, millennials would seek to make it their home. A teenager always wishes to distance themselves from their parents, and a whole different world is quite a bit of distance. (I'm simplifying here, of course, but I hope you get what I'm on about.) Fast-forward to present day. The internet is king, and everything is digital. Music, books, movies, education, commerce, socialization... It's unavoidable. These digital formats have lost their mystical charm and become banal. Hence the preference for physical media, and a sort of "worship" of the physical. (You'll get what I mean if you've ever heard someone rave about the smell of a new book, or how vinyl "just sounds better" despite its aural artifacts.)


My bets are the next generation will be traditional and more meatspace oriented like how this generation is seemingly strangely reactionary. Also the preceding post read straight like the usual diatribes about cultural Marxism.


looks like a dude tho


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the word you're looking for is "handsome", leave my waifucru alone


Well I appreciate reading PDFs and epubs but the smell of a book is really good