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Ask questions, share tips and experiences.

This is the best tutorial I've come across for zanzen meditation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL2XUTeoUsM (turn on subtitles for English translation).


Sorry, zazen not zanzen.


What's the best meditation practice to follow? Vipasana? Shikantaza?
How do you view the anatta paradox? How can one "not be" if the "not be" itself is already to 'be' a thing?


I love mixing meditation with evocation.

I began my practice with the goal of emptying my mind.
Now I've learned a couple of other techniques using visualization. It's pretty rad, also if you like psychedelics my waifu says that the interaction between meditation / visualization / substances can be pretty powerful.


I like following my own path.
I've had a couple of teachers, but consciousness comes from within. There is much to be learned alone, many lessons that are meant only for you.


So, do you think that your thoughts align with the "Wittgensteinian fideism" or fideism in general?

>(2) that religious concepts and discourse are essentially self-referential


That's interesting. I'm personally atheist-agnostic, but I really like Buddhism. What's the reasoning behind not using some well known meditation practice? You don't actually believe that other people achieved Samadhi/Nirvana? Is your world view animistic then?
Just trying to understand...


I don't know a lot about meditation practices, but meditating at the frequency of the heart chakra (approx. 350-600Hz) daily has eliminated my need for my psych medication.

I typically spend 20-40 minutes to a session. I empty my mind, then stop thinking and begin feeling. The words to describe exactly how it is I meditate escape me, though I encourage all to find a way that works for them.


This is my form of meditation:

I like to walk. I walk around my town. I sit down, anywhere, sometimes with homeless, sometimes with strangers, sometimes with friends. I'm inspired by Joyce, about how all his works are about the love he feels for Dublin. Although this may sound pretentious, I love my city too, so I follow suit. When I write, I write about my city. I write about people I know, people I see, the buildings, I write about the empty swathes of farmland miles beyond the city limits. I write about drug abuse, friends who have been lost to drugs, and I write about destitution too, I write about the weather; rain, sun, sleet, hail, the sporadic nature of it all...

It's cathartic, it really helps me dump all these feelings out of me. I mediate too, but truly art and my city are my most important venues for dumping my brain.

I feel like catharsis is a higher state of mind than one spent sitting, I understand the importance of meditation, it's why I do it nightly, but the euphoric dream-like feeling of finishing a lengthy poem after hours of wandering around is truly one the highest feelings that I can achieve.

People ask me to write for them too, and I do, I enjoy it, but I know they don't understand the whole of my writing, but I appreciate that they enjoy it, nevertheless.


Im pretty much ignorant in this topic. I havent read much about meditation or buddhist stuff.
I just sit down or lay back, with my back straight, and breathe deeply. Really deep, as imitating a sleeping person. I try to control (slow down) my heart beating, and synchronize it with the breathing. Of course i never can consciously control it, but after a while it slows down a bit.
I just breathe and breathe, and often im distracted or lost in thoughts, and i forget about the breathing: it becomes automatic again. So i come back to the deep and conscious breathing. Thoughts seems to be purified or cleansed with this, becoming less heavy and more manageable.