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Anyone have a link to that SEL suicide cult imageboard?


I don't, but if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, the guy has been posting on other imageboards, so you might be able to find links out there.
I'd try lurking on ∞chan.


Do you mean this one? Please don't kill yourself.


Since when is Tsukichan a suicide cult? It's just another place to love lain.


In one post Tsuki suggested that the best way to transfer to System 2.0 was to die whilst you were young and healthy; the logic being that if you grew old you may develop Alzheimer's or something similar, and may risk corrupting your memories when you transfer


We've been OVER THIS already

It severely advocates suicide by saying that it's one of the only ways to preserve your memory (∴ self) in the "new world" or whatever


What is that place?


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Now that I think of it the whole cult reminds me of Suicide Club movie. Happily choosing suicide with no drama. Maybe that movie is what inspired Tsuki to create the cult.


There was that Russian one too I can't remember the details sorry


I almost feel like this board is faster than ours.

What is the LFE?


The real question is, will it preserve the penis.

Memory is great and all, but no penis, no reproduction, no means of reproduction, means no means of production, no means of production means Marx is crying.

A crying Marx is not a happy Marx.


Is this about tulpas, or am I reading this wrong?



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Yeah, I signed up through one of the threads posted on /r9k/.
This seems to be another hot stop for systemspace.
They know their target pretty well, people who wish to escape reality.


If even one person actually goes through with this and it becomes highly publicised in the media Lainchan, related imageboards, and the SEL community in general, are all going to become an even more massive clusterfuck.


>becomes highly publicised in the media
not likely, who cares about a group of internet autists


what is this soykaf, lainchans mentally handicapped edgy brother?


i signed up


I signed up too cuz why the fuarrrk not.


fuarrrking att whore slaves.
All those "suicide games" is just like the boiling frog analogy. It just drags you to a mental state that you wanted to have, but you don't because you're persisting to your survival.
Don't fall to those things, you fuarrrking weak fuarrrks. You're better than this.


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We'll build you a new penis, a better penis!


I agree.