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I made a thing
I thought perhaps this would be the place to share it

The bottom computer is running Windows XP and has no direct connection to The Wired
The top computer is running Gentoo x32 and has a PCI Wi-Fi card, which is connected

Bottom computer has Pentium 4 2.8GHz (32-bit, no hyperthreading)
Top computer has Pentium 4 630 (3GHz, x86_64, hyperthreading)

The computers are connected together via Ethernet+APIPA
(I also have technically installed dial-up modems in each of them, and connected them together, but I have not gotten this to work as a communication channel as yet.)

I will shortly be running a browser on the Linux-powered one, with X11 over the Ethernet link, via Xming on the XP rig.

I noticed that on a Windows XP installation which has the proper graphics drivers installed (but has never been in contact with Microsoft servers to become defiled with the "updates" that give Win10 the title of "fastest windows yet"), the UI is the absolute smoothest thing ever, and it boots to the desktop in 27 (post-BIOS) seconds—on an IDE hard drive.
(All drivers were loaded via a USB drive; activation was done over the phone from a legitimate sticker on the side of the machine. This box will never ever ever have global net access.)

The poster says "let's all love lain" in the runes from Madoka. Technically it reads "lass uns alle lieben Lain".


Obsolescencia programada.
Anon you have a scientific spirit. You will be eternal