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do you use any other imageboards or forums? how about irc? where do you spend most of your time on the internet?
since leaving 4/8chan i've pretty much just hung out in the lain/uboa/sushi sphere + endchan. i used to participate in some forums for card games and board games, but they sort of died out.


Cyberpunk Forums is pretty good



I stopped browsing chans for quite a while after 4chan turned soykafty, and 8chan is way too politics-heavy for me to really be interested in it anymore. I'll still browse a few boards here and there, but they are barely active. I started looking around few new ones recently and there isn't that much out there to be honest, Lainchan is probably the best I've found (think I saw it linked on /cyber/).

Aside from chans, I was pretty active on Voat for a while, but that turned into a huge insider trade ages ago. I modded a game sub on there which spawned an IRC channel on a network that was originally intended to be for Voat (irc.goat.chat). Since then the network has kind of separated and become its own entity, I spend a lot of time there.

Some people on there made phuks.co, an aggregator to replace Voat. It is tiny, but it has been cool being involved with the creation of a new site.


Theres a slightly crap anarchist imageboard called 0ch.org. Its community (and its software) would defiantly be improved by some like minded lains.


I still browser in 4chan (/g/, /jp/ and /his/) and 8chan (/a/) but looks like the polacks (from the right and the left) won't take all boards like most of my country imageboards.


all chans became heavily child infested or stuck up in their own pretentiousness

lainchan is bearable even though the folk here always touts about "muh community" and "omg we so good" while posts here are so old content its becoming stale

the lulziness that once was found on chans faded away with old users going away onto either pseudonym driven forums or pseudonym communities like IRC that basically created well established circles of social connections through which they do their lulziness (for fun or profit)

sadly chan era is over, we are just floating like a dead corpse right now
the future? I assume a forum on deep web or maybe NNTPchan


This is the fuarrrking cancer of Internet on our days.


isn't 0ch russian or something?
Man, I wish we could discuss anarchy here in lainchan but that's poiltikz and would only contribute to the burst of WW3


>he goes only on insider trade general public IRCs
gj retard


I was the major contributor to endchan /tech/ but they basically kicked me out.
I was also a big contributor to lainchan, about 1/2 years ago (made most of the banners and heavy discussions), but kalyx is a mac user and just decided to not do it anymore. Now he's gone maybe the community will be better.

>how about irc?

no irc. Most of the channels are on freenode and this soykaf don't accept tor, so you leak your IP to strangers.

>where do you spend most of your time on the internet?

For now, lainchan and endchan. For news, lobste.rs, undeadly.org, mailing lists, and flak (tedunangst).
just to laugh a bit
because that's the best audiovisual language of today.


lol youre wrong and its funny


hey, do you know freenodeok2gncmy.onion?

It requires you to own an account and set up a certfp authentication. But once registered, everything can be done in Tor.


4taba is nice
dreamch is OK
mgchan would be awesome if it wasn't so dead


I usually move between here and sushichan. I like both but I wish sushichan would be more active, it's really really comfy. I also go to nido.org, a chilean imageboard which the most active board by far is /b/ and is full of fuarrrking monkeys, but /a/ and /mu/ are nice I guess.

And I created an account in lewd not so much ago but I always forgot to go lol. People there looks really nice tho, I'll go around later.


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pic related. each has their particular usecase; 8ch tech is generally good for getting tech support and advice via their two stickies, and occasionally, good resources and news. /g/ is good for faster tech support, some generals, general brewing soykaf, tech updates.

lainchan is my main because of the community here, and the quality of the posts and posters - as well as their attitude, which typically deviates from the numberchan edgy echo chamber insider trade - is far superior to any other chan I've encountered. /cyber/ can come too.

Lurked around most other chans without active posting.

A few forums, most of which are private.


I mostly browse textboards these days. Lainchain and 4taba are the only imageboards I stay actively involved in (and lately it's been more Lainchan than 4taba). I've got a host of others I check from time to time, but it's mostly just the two. Oh, and I browse a couple 4chan boards on the toilet.


My main board is a much maligned altchan. I gravitate towards hikki-friendly sites. I don't use IRC and in fact hate any sort of group chatting beyond one-on-one. One thing I like about lurking is discovering new chan. I just now found out Tsukichan was the result of all those suicide threads that looked like spam. Their site looks cool though.
You're thinking of the wrong one. Can't blame you though, there are so many Russian IBs it's downright confusing.
Don't mention this place at the third one. They don't like it.


>A few forums
Can anyone recommend some good forums


lainchan, /cyber/ and some other small boards on 8ch, sushichan of course, some niche liveboards, tohnochan on occasion for weeb soykaf. That's about it I think


Thanks for the tip.


I like Tohnochan for weeb stuff and the Letterbox for comfy slowposting. Samachan would be great if it had more than five users. I still enjoy 4chan but I feel like it isn't what it used to be. Reddit's pretty good for links to stuff relevant to my interests, but the quality of the community varies.


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420chan.org represent. If you have never been there check out /del/ first. Actually i urge anyone to go to /del/ to learn about what the fuarrrk they are. They are unreal. I don't touch them anymore but i did post there for years.

/dis/ is good too, avoid /weed/ it has always been soykaf. I would assume it still is.


/r/aspergers, sevenstring.org forum, sushichan, 4chan.


>Don't mention this place at the third one. They don't like it.
I've never seen mgchan and lainchan interact. When was this?


Use a search engine do some research on topics you like, check out any forums (or other boards) that come up to see if you might like them, then lurk for a while on the forums that you think you might like. That's really the best way to find good forums (or other boards) that interest you.


it's /deli/ now friend
t. dph feen


> do you use any other imageboards or forums?
On a regular basis only lainchan and wizchan, mostly readonly.
> where do you spend most of your time on the internet?
Consuming a flow of content: yt, reading, hoarding animu pics: low quality posting on random ibs I occasionally stumble upon.


I am on head-fi, ATS and stargazerslounge. But some places are nice just for the community and shooting soykaf.



Sadly, deep web forums, NNTPChans, Freenet's FMS, BitMessages and I2PBote are as dead as everything on the surface web.

There's just isn't enough cool sufficiently paranoid people in the public anymore with NSA, CIA, stylometry and soykaf. Everyone I know is F2F.



That whole website should be abandoned, and drained of few quality posters remaining (if there are any left in the first place). Let them wallow in their own soykaf. Jim can hire a team of Filipinos to soykafpost on it and argue with his son's chatbots. I'm sure that's going to attract the real quality userbase


I used to browse sinsister.ly but not so often anymore


Mainly Lainchan, Tsukichan and tech-related boards on Fullchan. Stopped going to 4chan mainly around the time I became more privacy concious (they disallow any kind of proxies). I quickly realized that them blocking proxies, more tech-minded people are probably going somewhere else, so I found alternatives with more high quality content. It's very obvious who posts on 4chan these days.

I'm still on the lookout, though. Finding new communities, lurking on them and getting to know them is actually really fun so the posts on this thread should be really interesting, thanks lains.


I browsed 9854.moe for a while.


Is it a bait?


>do you use any other imageboards or forums?
All the imageboards I used to visit are gone, except 4chan which I haven't even looked at in about two years. There's a mental health forum I still visit which also is like kicking dead whales down the beach these days but I have some long term friends there, including some I knew in real life but am too far away to visit now. I was a daily regular at megachan (RIP) and I came to lainchan because it was at least remotely similar but different in some major ways.

>how about irc?


>where do you spend most of your time on the internet?

I read some news and then download porn, science articles, podcasts and other media, maybe some free music on bandcamp occasionally, then go home and pick through it. I can't afford internet at home.


4chan, 8chan's /cyber/, krautchan's /int/ and a local imageboard are my picking.


Chans: occasionally ubochan, thats bout it.
Forums etc: im not much of a forum person so just some game oriented discussion forums.

Im too old for chanhopping, a friend of mine once said something along the line: if youre in a desert might well strike roots and dig for water.


Neat imageboard. Is it related to Lainchan in any way? Asking because they straight up copy-pasted the rules-page from Lainchan.


Methinks the sodomite which posted it be the website's creator.


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I lurk kiwifarms.net to keep up with assorted lolcows, freaks, crybabies, and degenerates. It's funny in a fuarrrked up way and sometimes it makes me feel better about my own life.