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Lain, what type of headphones do you use when you go outside?


I use in-ear headphones in an attempt to stop trying to drown outside noise with volume, which led me to a mild tinnitus.


cheap in ear, i don't want to get killed for a pair of expensive dj like headphones or look like a dumbass


do you live in a place that you feel this threat?

I wear AKG452s, not fancy or flashy, but a great sound. They're on ear, because i like to be able to hear my surroundings.

Those or regular earphones, for the same reason.


The earphones that come with a Samsung phone.
It is like 3€ on Amazon.
They just werk


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No audiophiles in lain?
Shame on you people.

I have a couple of htc hd in ear (the ones that come with the HTC 10) and beyerdynamic headphones


I don't go outside.
But I thought about buying a rockbox supported player.
On inside, I use a cheap (but good) Superlux HD681.


I'd love to delve into the audiophile realm, but sadly no moneys.


ATH M50x, they are really nice but I wish i had an amplifier



try to make one piece of this Objective-2 amplifier for 50 dollars (request /diy/ board!)


by someone who thinks objective reception of sound from amplifiers is biased and hates it, and he designed it based on solely measurable electrical performance.

It has ignited a great flamewar in the audiophile community and many thought this is a piece of crap, but most agree this is the best one you can get within this price range.

It is a great DIY project, I enjoyed it. But be careful with the power jack! The holes on the circuit board doesn't fit the nowadays power jacks. He designed a proprietary DAC later, and announced another open DAC hardware project, then he disappeared completely and nobody can fix it because of CC-ND license.


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My ATH-M50x flew away and became two pieces in an recent accident. Already ordered replacement parts, going to fix it.

Now using a pair of Bayer DT-990, sounds great but needs a quiet room, it's an open design.


>go outside

oh missed this word. don't use an Objective-2 while going outside, although it is not really bad but apparently not a good decision.


When in a bike, in-ear. Sony offer great deals here. You want extra bass for these ones.
When walking, over the ear. I used bose and they are the comfiest, but too expensive for a sound quality thats comparable to a sennheiser worth 100 dollars less.
At home, sennheiser hd280. Top tier.


Sony MDR-V6 cans. Had them for like 6-8 years, still great. The sound profile is really flat but if i got used to it and enjoy it now. If you don't like that just use an EQ.

I remember i was like a teenager buying these and there was this guy who left an Amazon review of how he carried these all over the states and even stepped on them in the snow once and they still worked. You just need to replace the ear-pads eventually, they started chipping out over a few years.


AKG Y50 (red) to my Sony MD Walkman.


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ATH-AT500X open-backs because I'm fuarrrking insane


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Just ordered from Campfire Audio. Really excited.


Why is she crying?


lonely / sad music / artistic effect