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This is /sci/, the science board. This is a potentially temporary and experimental board addition.

The intent is that this board will be used to discuss science and mathematics. Use /λ/ for mathematical topics more suited towards computation. Be civil and remain ever informative.

All files posted here should have relevance to the topic at hand, such as academic papers or other educational material.

Peruse the board before making a new thread. If a thread is deemed repetitive, it may be closed with a redirection to the appropriate thread.
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Thread with links to study material

Please post magnet links to best study materials and lecture series available on a particular subject.
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HQ Digital Textbooks

During undergrad I amassed a huge library of textbook pdfs, djvus, etc. but once I actually started trying to study from them I realized how frustrating it is trying to read an entire textbook that has soykafty digitization quality; not searchable, no table of contents/equation links, etc. In cases where I can't find higher quality digitizations of books I prefer to buy physical versions (where at least I can use page-markers) now.

This thread is for posting and requesting digital textbooks which are at a minimum searchable, but preferred with working index and links.

If particular textbooks without good digitization are highly requested here I may consider buying a copy and paying for high quality digitization, and if you have ever paid for a high quality digitization we would all be grateful if you would share the result.
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Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics

I want to read SICM but I know next to nothing about the maths and physics required for it. What should I study to be able to read it?
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I wanted an excuse to post on this board, so I dug up this article. I'm assuming that if it's on arXiv it passes as science.
>A Longitudinal Measurement Study of 4chan's Politically Incorrect Forum and its Effect on the Web
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I have a question about evolution. I'm not a creationist or anything like that so do keep the bullsoykaf away, it's just a genuine question.

As far as i understand evolution works by trial and error, i have a race of X and after some generations a mutated X is born with a distinct characteristic, this characteristic might allow mutated X to live longer, have more partners and/or just be more successful in living and thriving, thus he reproduces more and perpetuates his mutation in his race.

My question is about the nature of this mutation. If i'm able to see better at night that's a perfectly reasonable and random-looking mutation, but if i'm able to detect the specific characteristics of rotting food, what the fuarrrk is going on? Between all possible evolution paths i could possibly take, i somehow become able to detect the specific type of bacteria living inside rotten food, and not only that but i can also smell rotten food and recognize the fact that what i'm feeling when i eat rotten food is something bad and i should stop. And even if i do eat, my digestive system will say nuh uh bitch boy you throwing that soykaf up. This boggles my mind, food might be a bad example since we so badly need it to survive, but we can use other animals and the strangely synchronized characteristics will show up, that classic example of the moth is one of them, the moth that changed colors to adapt to the urban environment, adapting to the exact color in a change of environment doesn't look very random, specially considering such a low period of time.

So what's going on here? This really feels like one of those incomplete explanations that high school teachers give you do not overload you with unnecessary complexity, however i never got a better explanation for how evolution works and how much of it is just dumb luck.
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Free education!

Share free education resources here!

Free talks on physics, from beginner (core) to advanced (supplimental)
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Post your papers general

In this thread lainons post their own papers.
Please also be cautious about having or not having your names on those papers.

Here is one of my never released articles. It mostly talks about satellite internet and specialised implementations of TCP for satellite internet.

But please keep in mind that English is not my mother tongue and that back then I was just a bachelor student at my vocational college. Also for some reason my literature is a mess, it is all there either in the footnotes or in the literature section though.
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How do you feel about the state of academia as a whole right now?

I go to school in the U.S and find myself becoming increasingly frustrated at the quality of our education. It seems like very few of my classmates have similar thirsts for knowledge and research that I do, while the rest are doing it to get a piece of paper to go into the workforce.

Now I don't particularly think there's anything wrong with wanting the latter, but the education system here has become increasingly tailored towards those people. As a result it feels like University has become nothing more than a machine to spit out employees on one end, and a handful of academics on the other which often seem to fall through the cracks of a decaying ivory tower - all while amassing millions of dollars that ends up being spent on pointless trash. My school seems to be a prototypical example of this, with the coach of our football team getting paid upwards of a million per year and new buildings going up everywhere; meanwhile little has been done to expand the actual resources available to researchers here, and almost every department that isn't medicine or law seems to be struggling.

At the same time, the extreme artificial difficulty of classes placed on students causes way too many of us to suffer mentally and physically as a result. I can't express how pointless it is to force students to constantly regurgitate knowledge on timed exams which are often carefully engineered by professors to guarantee some sort of standard distribution of scores. Add this on top of the external stresses we all seem to face: financial, social, personal, and it's no surprise that most of us are depressed and/or anxious. Why should education make us feel worthless? Why can't we just learn for the sake of learning, instead of being ranked and judged and having to virtually compete against one another? Why should you need a paper to prove that you know something?

I could go on, but I'd rather hear other people's opinions.
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Maths Puzzles

Lets have a puzzle thread. I am not very good at maths, so they might be a bit trivial, but hopefully some of you can get some enjoymeny out of these :-)
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The End

How will the Universe end, lainons?
From what I've heard, it seems the leading theory at the moment is universal expansion to the point that atoms could not be- though there are arguments against this and many alternate ideas. End of the Universe general
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Challenges to modern science?

HI guys, I am wondering, what are some of the issues that modern science faces that slow it down?

I am wondering about both internal and external slow downs.
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Antimatter (anti)thread

Hi guys, I was wondering, will we ever be able to use antimatter as an energy source in power plants?

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Study methods

How do you study, Lainons? Do you use fancy memory techniques? Do you have small rituals that you perform before or after? What do you do during the break? How do you approach topics that you are really unfamiliar with? I want to know everything!
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pdf sharethread: /sci/ edition

This thread is for science and math related reading material. Textbooks, journals, and peer-reviewed articles are preferred.

I'll start with some classics.
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Bookshelf tread

Show us your place of knowledge
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Dark matter general

Hi, I am a layman when it comes to physics.
Can you explain to me what is dark matter?
What do we know about it?
How far are we from proving its existence?
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What are some of your favourite books or documentaries about zoology? I started watching Planet earth II recently and it really piqued my interest.
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Calculus ready?

What qualifies someone as being calculus ready? Anyway to test myself? (I cannot seem to find anything free.) I recently took a university exam which was suppose to find my mathematics placement, but it placed me in beginner algebra. I am mostly self taught (my actual teachers were horrible); however, I forgot a lot of stuff. Surprisingly a lot of programming stuff I have down, combinatorics, truth tables, etc. I think my knowledge has gaps that are making me screw up hard on the placement exam. My apologies for the slight rant /sci/.
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Simulation Hypothesis

Do you think we are living in a simulation? Why or why not? I would think the mathematics alone would suggest we are (I can elaborate if you'd like), but the nascent field of digital physics cements it even further for me. I'd like to hear your thoughts lains.
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Harvard vs Oxford vs other styles

Hi guys, recently I have been working on my notation style and have noticed big differences between notation styles etc.

So I was wondering, which style do you use?
Which style would you use if you had more freedom in choosing it?

Here in Croatia they teach you to use a mostly Oxford alike style with numbered notations, however unlike normal Oxford style, instead of using footnotes, you have to create a Harvard alike bibliography section. As far as I am aware neither MS Office nor LibreOffice support this so you have to do it all by hand.

Now about what I would prefer to use... Now I think that writing footnotes like Oxford does is generally more readable than large bibliography lists plus it provides you with the source on the same page as the text. I also consider that other parts of Oxford are genrally fine. However, I find Oxfords in text notations a bit non-descript, and would prefer to use something more descriptive than simple numbers in there.
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Cellular Automata Thread!

Discuss, post pictures and give your thoughts and ideas on this fascinating branch of compute science and mathemetics.

Resource for beginers:
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Computer science(CS) vs Information technology science(ITS)

Hi guys.
I am 19 and going into college next year(having an off year due to circumstances).

I was wondering, what are the differences between IT and CS? What are the similarities?

Lainchan as I see it is full of CS guys and IT is mostly ignored. Although I like the CS monoculture here, I do think we should at least discuss IT from time to time.
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EM Drive

Now that anti-gravity was proven to just werk, when can we expect to have flying cars just like my sci-fi animes?

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Any physics lains here? Am undergrad and would like to know some cool things that those more advanced than me have learned.
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Hello, I am currently working on my transfer applications for various universities. I am an engineering student, however my current university doesn't offer the discipline I seek (Biomedical Engineering) so I plan on transferring to one that does next fall.
In order to submit my applications, I need to write an essay on an issue of importance to me. Being interested in biotech, I would like to write about unnecessary death due to age related disease and how most of society has accepted it as a fact rather than finding a solution. Unfortunately, I have trouble articulating my thoughts in to cohesive and comprehensive sentences.
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on good talking points for my essays? Or even suggested literature on the topic that could aid me?
It would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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astronomy thread anyone?
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Hello anons!
I have an interesting question. Can one's brain be splitted to two seperated halves (left hemisphere and right hemisphere without connections)? Have you read about such an experiments? What if this person was a kid? Would he have to seperate consciousnesses?

Totally n00bie in biology/neurology here
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Weeb culture influence on CS and IT.

How much and in what ways does weeb culture influence computer science and IT?

I mean an influence definitely does exist, othervise we wouldn't have any weeb named websites or tech or similar stuff. (Or we wouldn't have as much)

Then there is the simple fact that scientists and inventors sometimes do look into sci-fi for inspiration. And anime can be good sci-fi as well.
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Philosophy of Science

Let's discuss it!
R: 5

Oxford interview is the day after tomorrow.

Anyone got any interview tips? I'm studying Physics, if thats relevant.
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Can we have a thread for discussing how to do research? Where and how to find papers, how to read them, how to organize what you have learnt, how to keep up with changes, etc.
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Fellow lainons, I'm a highschool dropout. I don't know any maths beyond your basic arithmetic. I'm programming in Lisp but I also want to learn math. I'd prefer in-depth textbooks but should I just go to khan academy and start from the beginning? I'm hoping to get some solid advice and any books in pdf or other digital formats.
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Why do some scientists hate philosophy?


Personally, even myself being a STEM masters student, I think this is a tragedy. Philosophy and human sciences are just as much needed for human progress as are natural sciences.
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An illicit photo taken at my work (a chemical laboratory) . would you be interested in more of these? This place is full of all sorts of down to earth laboratory photogenic goodies
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Prerequisites for astronomy

What are the prerequisites for studying astronomy/astrophysics?
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Science journals, news, feeds etc

I'm looking for sites to follow for anything /sci/ related. Math, Computer Science, Chemistry etc. General science news is welcome as well.
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Mine and your research!

Why don't we have a thread where we share our own research? Published or not, doesn't matter.

Rule 1: If you want to publish it in the future, to prevent people plagiarizing from you, don't upload the whole paper, most importantly don't show your experiments, results and conclusion.

However it is OK to post the title and your general ideas. (Use my post(down below) as an example)

Rule 2: This is an anonymous imageboard, if you are going to upload the whole paper in pdf here, it is your responsibility to remove/not remove your name from it. Then again, if you manage to publish it in Eglish, it might be moot.(Hey, you should be proud on publishing a paper)

So here are the 3 papers I am researching ATM:
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I have a few questions about chaos theory. Please keep your answers simple as I'm not a physicist.

Chaos appears when you are studying a system of at least three non linear and interdependent variables. Is that true ?

Does this program reflect chaotic behavior ? http://sprunge.us/KCVF?scheme
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What are your favourite areas of research?

So, what are your favourite areas of research?

While I like anything CS related, I definitely prefer more networking and security related research.
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Here's a thing I was wondering about the other day.

There are things that probably everyone here would agree upon - as an easy example, let's just talk about Earth not being flat. There are people, online and offline, that disagree with this fairly simple fact, which might come from a misunderstanding of science, distrust in the establishment, something like that.

My question is - how much should we dignify these people with discussions and responses? It is very unlikely for the minds of such people to be changed, no matter how much proof is thrown at them. It could be said that such cases are good mental exercise, but, more often than not, they are low hanging fruit that's so shaky that it's not even fun to disprove.

Could it be that giving these people the attention is causing more harm than good, from wasted time to other people starting to agree with them? And if so, how should we go about judging what beliefs are "OK" to discuss?
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HBG - Ham Beginner General

Welcome to Ham Beginner General!

This thread is for anyone interested in amateur radio who's not sure where to start or anyone who's already into ham radio looking to help others.

- Don't post call signs if you value your anonymity
- Google before asking
- No bullying or just acting like an asshole
- Have fun
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Do any of you know any good (Relatively simple if at all possible) introductory books or other recourses to quantum physics? If they're books, do you perhaps have them in PDF form (if not then the title and author is fine)?
feel free to move to lit if that would be more appropriate
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Medicine Thread

Any medicine student here ?

Share stuff you find to be interesting, impressive, or even funny. It can be anything from phatology, biology of the cell, to anatomy, including biophysics, biochemistry, pharmacology, etc, as long as it has some connections with medicine.

Just some little rules tho :
- Obvisoulsy, if you have to post gore, please don't forget spoilers.
- Let's try not to complain about how hard studying medicine can be. Let's talk about pure medicine stuff and not the things that gravitates around our student lives.

I personally am not really advanced in that domain, but so far I find it funny that the heart still has to be vascularized via coronary circulation. To me it sounds like a wind turbine generating electricity and using a part of it to function.
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Chemistry General

Post pictures, papers, or discuss whatever you're working on.
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How to start studying biology?

I am interested in biopunk and biohacking since last month, so I had the idea of studying biology at home (I already study philosophy and programming). Maybe I will truly like biology, or maybe not.

I am more interested in bioengineering, biochemistry and microbiology. Is there any website that is good for learning?

Sry for bad english, it's not my native language. Thanks!
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Space Travel + Colonization

If humans never landed on the Moon, then why is Elon Musk pushing Mars colonization? Musk's a smart guy, so I'm guessing he knows the Moon landings were fake.


Is Musk setting up a ruse for a different, top-secret, Earth-based project? (a la Manhattan Project-tier) Therefore needs to suck in gullible volunteers who think they will be sent on a heroic, barrier-breaking, space mission?

Is human space travel and space colonization beyond the Van Halen belt even POSSIBLE? With any tech and raw materials that might feasibly be available for us Earth-dwellers now or at any point in the future (even the far future AKA >10,000 years if we don't obliterate ourselves with global nuclear war, Monsanto GMO caused pandemic that wipes out the genetically cloned food supply, or global warming first)?

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gif thread

This thread is for science and math related gifs or pictures.
Also you can post some abstract stuff.