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During undergrad I amassed a huge library of textbook pdfs, djvus, etc. but once I actually started trying to study from them I realized how frustrating it is trying to read an entire textbook that has soykafty digitization quality; not searchable, no table of contents/equation links, etc. In cases where I can't find higher quality digitizations of books I prefer to buy physical versions (where at least I can use page-markers) now.

This thread is for posting and requesting digital textbooks which are at a minimum searchable, but preferred with working index and links.

If particular textbooks without good digitization are highly requested here I may consider buying a copy and paying for high quality digitization, and if you have ever paid for a high quality digitization we would all be grateful if you would share the result.


While I don't know of any solution for indexes, isn't there free software that can OCR pdfs?

The first one being the one I'm thinking of.


Atkins, Paula 9th edition of Physical Chemistry ISBN: 1-4292-1812-6

Searchable, has index and TOC links, and some equation links.


Yes, OCR is better than nothing, but it isn't great.


I have a few more chemistry texts uploading right now.

If anyone has good copies of Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Dirac, or any of the volumes of Landau and Lifsoykafz series "A Course In Theoretical Physics", I would be grateful.


Engel, Reid 3rd edition of Physical Chemistry ISBN: 978-0-321-81200-1

Searchable, has index and TOC links.


Klein Organic Chemistry ISBN: 978-0-471-75614-9

Searchable, has index and TOC links.,%202012)%20BBS.pdf