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Hi guys, recently I have been working on my notation style and have noticed big differences between notation styles etc.

So I was wondering, which style do you use?
Which style would you use if you had more freedom in choosing it?

Here in Croatia they teach you to use a mostly Oxford alike style with numbered notations, however unlike normal Oxford style, instead of using footnotes, you have to create a Harvard alike bibliography section. As far as I am aware neither MS Office nor LibreOffice support this so you have to do it all by hand.

Now about what I would prefer to use... Now I think that writing footnotes like Oxford does is generally more readable than large bibliography lists plus it provides you with the source on the same page as the text. I also consider that other parts of Oxford are genrally fine. However, I find Oxfords in text notations a bit non-descript, and would prefer to use something more descriptive than simple numbers in there.


I usually use the "ieeetr" style with LaTeX.


Way to shoot myself in the foot that's the one I described in the OP, the one I use the most. Sorry, something confused me and I made that mistake.