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Discuss, post pictures and give your thoughts and ideas on this fascinating branch of compute science and mathemetics.

Resource for beginers:


Cellular Automata are awesome, wish I could delve more into them.

All I've done so far is the elementary 1D CAs, really want to explore 3 or greater dimensioned CAs, but alas I've not yet gotten around to it.


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I was really hyped about CAs for a while, but they are sort of a mystery to me still.
Even though GoL is beautiful and by far the most intriguing one, it is too hard to come across new discoveries in it. I like those which behave like machines, particularly von Neumann's 29-state and it's derivatives, attached is a document explaining how von Neumann's reproducing machine works. Another pretty one is one derived from Wireworld, it's name is something like WWEJ3 irrc.
One type of such automata which I think is most interesting is actually the 2-dimensional turing machine, aka the turmite. Langton's ants are the most popular rule.


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Great article on competing cyclical 2D predator-prey model which looks really pretty too: