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Any physics lains here? Am undergrad and would like to know some cool things that those more advanced than me have learned.


I think the problem is that anything which is so advanced that an undergrad wouldn't have seen it is not easily explained in an imageboard post.

I wouldn't want to try and show an undergrad anything without a whiteboard to hand.


I wish I was an ant.


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here you go
t. ant


I thought most of the lower-division physics courses were easy, so I'll assume you have about the same level of understanding as me.

http://physicsguy.com/ftl/html/FTL_intro.html for the basics of relativity. I didn't really understand that stuff until I read it, but it's only a primer. You need all the fancy advanced math to really grasp it, apparently.

http://www.gregegan.net/DICHRONAUTS/DICHRONAUTS.html is really interesting speculation on what a universe with two time and two space dimensions would be like. Easily accessible, really trippy stuff, I'm definitely gonna give that book a read when it gets published.