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Hello anons!
I have an interesting question. Can one's brain be splitted to two seperated halves (left hemisphere and right hemisphere without connections)? Have you read about such an experiments? What if this person was a kid? Would he have to seperate consciousnesses?

Totally n00bie in biology/neurology here


There have been plenty of cases where hemispheres split. It doesn't present in separate consciousnesses. That's due to the fact that there are plenty of structures in the brain that aren't "Split" such as the brain stem, and prefrontal cortex.

I've also met a therapist (physical) who lost nearly 40% of their brain by volume. Due to a stroke. I've had a stroke as well, which is why I was in physical rehab as well. Consciousness can remain intact (for the most part) through the most horrific injuries to the brain.

The prefrontal cortex is the [i]executive[/i] center of the brain and acts generally as a unified whole. Its the part that lets you plan or perceive outcomes of various plans. THEN afterwards it access either hemisphere for various subtasks related to planning.

More of an anecdotal opinion on the matter ,but consciousness is still a rather mysterious thing. They, scientists, suggest that it might be an emergent phenomena of the whole totality of the brain.


-there you have a starting point. Check the sources if possible.


I don't have a source but I recall a reddit post about a man who lost almost one entire half of his brain to a rare disease and still functions fine in his day to day life.

Going off that, it wouldn't be crazy to assume that if done gradually to allow the brain's plasticity to fix any losses of function, one could transplant a each half into a body. I still think they'd both die, but hey, it doesn't seem impossible.


I read about a guy like that, who had the bridge between the hemispheres removed due to injury or cancer, I don't recall.
The weird think about him was, he could only read with one eye and recognise pictures with the other eye.


Like >>494 said, there have been numerous cases where the brain of an individual has been split. Some functions of the brain, such as the ability to perceive objects, draw, process language, etc will be effected the most as there is a degree of communication between the hemispheres so that information can be processed more efficiently. Whether or not separation results in the creation of two unique conscious entities is up for debate, as there are factors such as the level of separation that occurs.

CGP Grey has an interesting video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfYbgdo8e-8


interesting video