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How much and in what ways does weeb culture influence computer science and IT?

I mean an influence definitely does exist, othervise we wouldn't have any weeb named websites or tech or similar stuff. (Or we wouldn't have as much)

Then there is the simple fact that scientists and inventors sometimes do look into sci-fi for inspiration. And anime can be good sci-fi as well.


Is there weeb named tech? like hardware?

I'd argue that the influence is pretty minimal, outside of a few websites and people working on projects who decide to throw in some 'waifu' image plastered on it.


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There is hardware, although at the moment it is mostly just sold in Japan.

You have to also take into account actual Japanese anime otaku, not only western weebs.
Optionally we could include just Japanese culture influence in general.
Like there is a whole Linux subsystem called Tomoyo and its fork Akari.


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>Like there is a whole Linux subsystem called Tomoyo and its fork Akari.
...and? You do know that western countries don't have a monopoly on writing software. TOMOYO was developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, and considering the website for AKARI has a .jp TLD and has a Japanese language version I'd say the developers of that are Japanese as well.


The developers of the w3m terminal web browser are also Japanese and named their browser accordingly:
>The name "w3m" stands for "WWW wo miru (WWWを見る?)", which is Japanese for "to see the WWW" where W3 is a numeronym of WWW.


OK, it's not anime per se, but it's still japanese culture. Remember that weebism includes Japanese culture even outside anime context.

You could argue that because it was made by the japanese so it is natural that they would make it it japanese culture alike.

But it's still Japanese cultural influence on tech. Whether or not anime related.
However there is a much smaller actually anime related cultural influence, which is a part of a bigger whole that is commonly known as Japanese culture.


My part-time student job right now is managing a help desk. Having some weeb knowledge puts me ahead of other managers in terms of bonding with some the employees since I can make anime jokes and understand their (relatively normal person) weeb references in the company slack channel.


I work at a IT firm it over 200 employees, we mostly do System Engineering and Application Development for other firms. Here any "weeb" influence is non existent. In all my years I only met two guys who consume anime or are interested in Japanese comic culture (at a LAN party, nonetheless) . I guess its rare around here, even for the personalities that are more prone to consume such media.


Well inside a company it might depend on how relaxed the company culture is. Some people draw a big red line between their professional and personal lives.