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Any medicine student here ?

Share stuff you find to be interesting, impressive, or even funny. It can be anything from phatology, biology of the cell, to anatomy, including biophysics, biochemistry, pharmacology, etc, as long as it has some connections with medicine.

Just some little rules tho :
- Obvisoulsy, if you have to post gore, please don't forget spoilers.
- Let's try not to complain about how hard studying medicine can be. Let's talk about pure medicine stuff and not the things that gravitates around our student lives.

I personally am not really advanced in that domain, but so far I find it funny that the heart still has to be vascularized via coronary circulation. To me it sounds like a wind turbine generating electricity and using a part of it to function.


>funny that the heart still has to be vascularized
Wouldn't do much good if it were all just epithelial tissue.


good point.
what i meant is that the heart is basically full of blood, and having an external system that come out of the heart to bring blood back to it is something i find weird. It ofc does make sense tho, as if the heart was vascularized directly from the inside, the entire circulatory system would carry partially used blood, ain't it ?


go back to school, kid, im from guayaquil's estatal. so, if yo do not study medicine, do not ask pastas


Cytochrome C oxidase

Hyosul Shin, Dong-Heon Lee, Chan Kang, Kenneth D. Karlin, Electrocatalytic four-electron reductions of O2 to H2O with cytochrome c oxidase model compounds, Electrochimica Acta, Volume 48, Issue 27, 30 November 2003, Pages 4077-4082, ISSN 0013-4686, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0013-4686(03)00565-6.
Abstract: Three different complexes, heme–Cu ([(6L)FeIICuI]+ (1), 6L=a binucleating ligand having a heme and covalently tethered copper binding tris(2-pyridyl)methylamine tetradentate moiety), heme complex ((6L)FeII (4), (with “empty” tethered chelate)), and the “parent” iron-porphyrinate ((F8TPP)FeII (5), F8TPP=tetrakis(2,6-difluorophenyl)porphyrinate) were employed for the electrocatalytic reduction of O2. Complexes 1 and 4 reduce O2 to water (four-electron reduction) with good efficiency (74 and 59%, respectively), but complex 5 exhibited only an ∼20% efficiency, thus primarily the two-electron reduction to hydrogen peroxide occurred. The results of the present electrochemical O2-reduction studies and the previous studies have elucidated the O2-binding nature of these three complexes, indicating the formation of quite stable FeIII(O22−)CuII (peroxo) or FeIIIO2− (superoxo) species. In line with the thinking of other researchers, the fact that both 1 and 4 can well stabilize FeIIIO2− superoxo species may suggest that the formation of the latter is a key to the pathway favoring four-electron reduction of dioxygen to water.
Keywords: Oxygen reduction; Copper–heme complex; Model compounds; Catalysis; Graphite electrodes


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vid related (nsfl)
i just watched a video about the neck that interrupted with this. don't rly know what to think tbh


The innermost cardiac tissue really is irrigated by the blood inside. When a miocardial infarction occurs, that tissue is initially spared while the rest suffers.

The reason external irrigation is necessary is because nutrients can't be transported efficiently by contiguity. This is actually a key mechanism in embryology


At first I hated microbiology but now I just can't get over how utterly badass these fuarrrking organisms are.



>house theme

Every time.


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None of the medical students I meet even care about biology, where are you all?


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You can not be diagnosed with dysmorphophobia if you are actually ugly


I know I'm not a med student but I'm an EMT and I've got some stories. Not sure what you guys would like to read. Anything specific you'd like to hear about?


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Medical school freshman here. Teach me senpais.


lern thru pain baguette


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dont try to do this (it doesnt work)