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This thread is for science and math related gifs or pictures.
Also you can post some abstract stuff.


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All you have to do is study hard, anon. Kill your procrastination.


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if anyone is interested in learning how these are (usually) made, the language of choice for generative art is processing

some books i've seen recommended are
- Generative Design: Visualize, Program, and Create with Processing
- The Nature of Code: Simulating Natural Systems with Processing
- The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants (The Virtual Laboratory) [not processing, plain old algorithms]

if any kind lains have pdfs for any of these please do share : )


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Nature of Code is a great book, I need to be consistent and complete it.


Another one.


Wow I'm a scrub. I'm unable to post to post Generative Design and Form: Code in Design, Art, and Architecture because they are too big.


drop the files in the volafile.


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What is the program on 1 picture?



Or something that lasts longer: sicp.me





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Lets spice this up a bit...

Now I'm writing text to make this post, post!
Suggest take off word limit if pic attached?


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And some more...
And some more word padding because seems I have to to post.


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And finally i have this cunt...

Padding: jhgvbuyitb7kuyrb iyybkutbky kvtuykbtiku


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What is the name for Sierpinski triangle for decimal?
How may I name it if I find something noone knows?
How do I find out if something is known or not?
Doesn't science keep an accurate register for everything?
How do I find a database where all abecedaria are kept?
If such things do not exist how do I create them? Let us create them!


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I just want a qτ/2 gf to crochet me a hyperbolic blanket to cuddle with.