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what do we think about https://njal.la

founded by TPB founder

>registrars cant proxy your info already
>a warrant cant get your information anyway


Is better than nothing, but still FAR from the ideal.

>Peter Sunde

Sometimes I fell have something wrong with him.


Unique concept and they already have the hidden service rolled out, but they ought to be pitching OMEMO+OTR OMEMO+PGP combo, both readily available in some of the popular XMPP clients, instead of either OTR or PGP.
Gonna try them out once they accept another crypto aside nakamotos as a means of payment with actual anonymity properties (monero, zcash).


>Add funds via Bitcoin or PayPal
no No NO.
When a user buys a domain you only then request payment.
What fuarrrking genius asks users to add funds to a web wallet to hodl for later purchases, after all the fiascos services accepting bitcoin have endured over the years.
This needs to be purged and the above needs to be the replacement.


You don't have to add funds for 10 years, you can add funds and pay the bill and then a year later you add funds again to pay for the bill.

Looks solid, it doesn't require any info while with most registars you legally have to give legit information.