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Need some advice.
I'm thinking about buy an old (<2005) IBM thinkpad and do it as my HTTP/SMTP server for my personal website and mail. I'm doing it and not paying for a VPS because I could have the control of all the functions my self.
So, my problem is, I can do most of it without wasting money on some service, except that I would need a dynamic dns since my IP wouldn't be static (too expensive on my country). My question is: there's any way I can run a dynamic dns server myself, from the same dynamic IP? If yes, could I do it on the same machine?

I think it should be simple, since the dynamic dns server would just: grepping the actual IP > sending and updating to the domain name network. But I couldn't find this information at all.

That way I could host my server without waste any unnecessary money. The OS, http and smtp server would be free software. The domain could be from freenom. The TLS cert can be from Let's Encrypt. The static html could be something fancy from html5up.net.


I don't think so.

After you purchase a domain, you set the authoritative DNS servers for the domain. DNS records on authoritative DNS is directly controlled by the domain owner, and it is the ultimate source of all records.

Nowadays, this is often provided as a (free) service with many providers online, some of them supports dynamic DNS and programmable APIs. Or it can be self-hosted on 2 - 6 servers for redundancy. Changing the authoritative dns servers is not trivial, it needs one day or two to propagate.

I don't think it is a good idea to change the authoritative DNS servers dynamically.

All you need is a DNS service with API support, and run a script to submit the record to your DNS provider every 60 mintues.


>provided as a (free) service with many providers online, some of them supports dynamic DNS and programmable APIs.
Can you point to some? Preferably that is use open source, is free or that can be paid with bitcoin, in that order...



I've used this before. Pretty decent. I wish mandrill was still free though.


Just search "Free DNS" and you get plenty of them. You can even use CloudFlare! Actually it is a good DNS, just don't turn on their CDN.


I recognise this image. These are the OpenBSD build machines.