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Story time thread

Share your experiences and stories about how you popped boxes and shells
>First time hacking
>read a few intro to pentesting books
>download a vm that says easy difficulty
>get on kali start scanning easy machine
>nmap, metasploit aux, smtp user enum for about 30 minutes
>get emails from contact page
>alright lets try bruteforcing some users
>spends 45 minutes trying to crack user passes
>why can't I get this
>check common passwords
>"Try their username"
>bruteforces again
>mfw it takes me 4.5 hours get access to something that should have been a 5 second guess


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I have a stupid beginner story as well
>start doing overthewire.com wargames
>blaze through the first few levels of bandit since the first few things are standard file stuff
>reach the level that requires you to deal with hidden files
>ezpz, ls -a, cd .hidden
>cd: hidden: No such file or directory
>try to escape the . character, nope
>spend 20 minutes searching how to cd into a hidden directory, get nothing
>take a closer look at output of ls -a
>the color of the "folder" is slightly different from the . and .. folders
>it was a file, not a folder


This made me laugh.


took me 3 minutes to understand it...




I EXACTLY know that feel!